Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Stories together

- How the fuck did I get here? –I asked Ed, very angry-
- Hm. Hello and I love you too. –he answered- I brought you here.-he said, solemnly-.
- And the sporty car?
- I did that as well. Just to amuse you.
- I almost thought I was in the red!
- Sorry for that, but no. You’re not. I paid for all that.

He stared into my eyes. I lowered my look, a bit intimidated.

- You deserve more than just a mid-range rental car and a standard 4-star hotel full-board room, princess. Excuse me, but that’s so… cheesy. -he said, overdoing a bit-
- I can understand why you find my plebian holidays so cheesy, Mylord –I said-
- Hey. Child. There’s no need to be nasty.

Our conversation was suddenly interrupted by some angry voices that could be heard out of the library. Two women shouted in a strange language I coulnd’t identify. I recognised one of them: she was the corpse bride in grey gown who had appeared beside me in the red convertible. The other one was younger. She dressed in black velvet and her face was as pale as a ghost. Continuing with comparisons, both of them were as angry as two angry bears. They stopped by the door, followed by the butler.

- I’m sorry, Mylord, I couldn’t stop them. –apologized the butler, sadly-
- It’s ok, Stoicescu, don’t worry. –answered Ed-

So my old friend the butler’s name was Stoicescu. That sounded quite Romanian. Probably Transilvanian, like the vampires! Ed turned to the women.

- What brings you here again, ladies? Didn’t I tell you to stay in your home, resting in peace? Didn’t I tell you you don’t belong to this world anymore? –he asked with a voice from beyond the grave, that really frightened me-. You can’t be wandering among the living persons.

The scary ladies looked down and then alternatively at me. Things were looking bad and I thought it was time to buzz off.

- Ehem… sorry to interrupt this interesting meeting; I would be very delighted to stay here, but I have something to do in town, like going to my hotel and unpacking my luggage, so if you excuse me… I really need to go. -I said-
- Ooh, no no no –said the two women in unison, gesturing-. No way.
- Why not?
–I asked, looking at Ed, who stared very serious at the scene-
- We are here because of YOU –said the corpse bride, rudely pointing at me, strongly emphasizing her words-

That was the last drop.

- Leni, meet Ioana and Lavinia, my two beloved wives. Ladies, this is Leni, a good friend of mine.-said Ed-.
- Edward! What do you mean… a friend? –they shouted, very offended-

Ed pointed at them with a threatening finger, saying:

- That’s not what we agreed! Now go back where you belong, play harp, sing with the angels, fly like the wind, or sleep on the clouds, my dearest wives… there’s no room for you here.

The beautiful Ioana, who appeared to be the youngest one, pointed at me and asked:

- Who is she? And what is she doing here?
- She’s going to write a book for me. And that’s that!
–answered Ed- Now let me kiss you goodbye.

Ioana and Lavinia floated two handspans over the floor and went to him, just as a ghost would have done. Ed kissed them tenderly on the forehead.

- My dear loves, go now. We will meet again, that’s a promise.

They calmed down, hugged him and then vanished. This was crazy.

- Don’t tell me they know the story of the Virgo girl with a black mole on her left breast who will be your third wife and make you happy for the rest of your life -I asked-
- Nah. –he said with a nasty look-
- Good. I wouldn’t like to suffer from permanent deathly nightmares for the rest of my life.

He laughed.

- You will if you don’t write that book.
- Oh, I’m trembling with fear
–I said, sarcastically-
- Baby, I didn’t bring you here just to let you spend your holidays but to help you write the book you promised to Hellgirl. You have a deadline, remember?
- What??? You mean you brought me here?
- I certainly did
. –he said, nodding-

Since the very first day I got in touch with the supernatural world, I was not at all in control of my life. I was a puppet in the hands of a number of strange beings who were playing yo-yo with my destiny.

Ed opened a drawer of the wooden library, took a notepad and a pencil and left it in front of me.

- Write. –he ordered, kind but firm-
- I don’t use those. I need a laptop.

He didn’t say anything; opened another drawer and took a small red laptop –actually, it was such a cutie toy that I thought I could write anything on it-. He put it on the table and said:

- It’s yours. So… write. The views are amazing here. You have books, music, films and an excellent internet connection. Anything you need to get some inspiration. Therefore, you have no excuse.
- I have no idea what I’m going to write about.
- Listen, dear. I will help you this time.
- Thanks but I heard this before. Then I will have to pay you for that, right?
- No. Don’t be so sensitive, I won’t charge you for my sincere help.
- Then let’s hear about that altruistic help.
- We’ll write the story together.

I looked at him, very intriggued. It made me smile. Sharing intellectual abilities sounded amazingly interesting. It was… challenging and irresistible. I couldn’t help smiling.

- I’ll start the story and you will continue it. And we may get a nice book. Have you ever done that?
- No, never. But when I was a slave, I heard some slave girls did it to entertain their Masters. But I never did. I have always written on my own.
- Leni… you have been a slave?
–he asked, ver surprised-

I blushed and looked down.

- Yes –I whispered-
- Tell me about it.
- I’m not exactly proud of it and it’s a long and silly roleplay story.
- I have time to listen.
- I was the slave of a university professor for two months. Just that.
- What happened?
- I couldn’t stand his abusive treatment and dumped him when I was fed up with him.
- First time I hear a slave dumps a Master.
- Well, it happens. I did it.
- Congrats, baby. This guy didn’t deserve you. And I hate him. Mistreat is not a game.
- Thanks, Ed. I appreciate.
- Good. Let me be the first one to write with you.

There was a strong desire behind these words. They sounded really sexual to me, rather than just platonic and altruistic help. I didn’t realise how clever he was until that moment: he knew I felt an irresistible attraction for clever men and he was tempting me with the offer of a mind game that I would accept blindly.

- Baby, you need to write that book or Hellgirl will get mad at you. That gal is powerful and could do you some harm if you don’t give her what she asked for. I don’t understand why you made that silly deal with her for nothing.- he said-
- That is none of your business, Ed.
- For nothing!!! Where the fuck was he when you needed him most?
–he shouted in anger-

He had never shouted at me before; but he was right.

Some days ago I had read in a Sandwichian newspaper an article about a Zantlander woman who had been living in an airport for the last seven years. She left everything behind to meet her man, but he would never appear. Yet she would be there, waiting, for seven long years or whatever it took until he appeared.

Hope is the last thing we lose. We maintain our illusions until we get so used to our helpless irrational wait, that time loses dimension and the idea of surrendering becomes unbearable, not realising the desired meeting will never happen.

I have waited for endless hours and days: At Grodski Park, at the Rivers of Babylon, at the Rain Forests, longing to hear three words that were never pronounced for me: ‘I love you’.

So that morning at Cape Hope, when I finally realised my waiting was worthless, I made up my mind and agreed to start an association with Ed Davies: we would share our creativity, our minds and whatever it took to write a story together.

Way more than I had ever accepted from any man in my whole life.

"Hotel lounge (be the death of me)" (Deus)


Leni Qinan said...
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max said...

Leni, sorry I missed your last post -though at the end of this comment, I'm leaving another one for you there-. You know I'm faithful to your blog.

I've felt really touched by the history of the woman who waited for seven years at the airport. I'm still very impressed.

Don't do that, dear. It's not worth waiting for someone who will never appear. You know what I mean.

I love the song too -Hotel Lounge is so bluesy-. You moved me this time.

I'm curious about this new procedure: a book written by several authors. This one will surely be a best seller. What a shame Hellgirl will get the royalties.

Big kiss and... chin up. baby.

8 de agosto de 2008 1:13

Leni Qinan said...

Np Max. Thanks for coming over and commenting also in the previous post.

The waiting... isn't it unbelievable? No, I'm not waiting helplessly anymore. Not even here. That's too frustrating and sad.

I'm taking a short break from this blog or slow it down, I haven't decided yet. We're in summer, most people are out on holidays and it's pointless to keep the same rythm.

And I'm working on a rewarding project that's keeping me busy right now.

Tell the others. I'll be back soon.


Grass said...

awww, we'll miss you here sis.. I will be on a holiday for two weeks too.. Hmmm..

Max is right.. the story about that girl in the airport is really touching but we'll never do that, won't we? hehehe Ed has every right to be angry at Bob because he's somehow connected with you and feel that he's your friend, whether you accept it or not. Things are getting better with you and him now that you're going to write a story together, I hope?

Indeed, the last thing romantic and empathic people lose is hope.. I don't believe that everyone is capable of that, one has to love truly in order to believe in hope..There's nothing wrong with that, but Ed is right as well. Some people just isn't worth waiting for..... Sigh

Good luck on your new project sis! :)


Leni Qinan said...

Hi sis,

Enjoy your holidays too. I hope you have a lot of fun and relax.

I tried to log into your blog, but i couldn't -my internet is sluggish and your blog seems to be overloaded, but i try every day!-

No, I'll never do like the girl in the airport, sis. But to my shame, I must say I've already done that, in rl and virtual life as well. I'm as silly as that: a hopeless romantic so easy to get hurt. And he never showed, just like the guy in the airport. Because hope is the last thing I lose... to an extent that goes beyond human stupidity sometimes.

Ed and I are writing a story together. I am writing a story together with someone in rl now, that's what my project is about, and it's cool. I'm enjoying a lot, never shared this before.

In the meantime... enjoy your summer holidays, sweety, take care and be back soon.

Big kiss and big hug from your sis.

hanny said...

Hi, told ya, I'll be back!

I've enjoyed your story, it's as good as reading a book! (Except yours is free, hence better hehe). I really would like to go back from the start to get more of the gist of your stories and writing style :))

That is exciting that you share a common interest with Ed. It's cool that you have an awesome vl and seems like your rl is getting better now. So are you going to write a book (or maybe writing by now) to publish or is it just for fun like this?

Thanks for the good reading. Now I'm going to get back to work!

Leni Qinan said...

Hi Hanny!

Thank you very much for your enthusiasm and for your lovely comment. I'm glad you're enjoying the story. As I always say to my readerships... these stories are surrealistic, BUT there's always an element of truth... :)

Sometimes vl and rl get entwined -I bet you understand me perfectly- and for the moment, all I can say is that I'm REALLY writing that story called "Moonshine killed a shade of grey" at the same time I do the blog, with a guy from Germany and we're enjoying the experience BIG TIME. He is putting a lot of himself in this Ed character -I won't unveil more, but there will be some surprises coming up soon, lol.

About publishing, haha, that's a BIG word, Hanny. I really love to write and I'd love to publish my books, but it's hard. Anyway, there's always hope!