Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sweet revenge

When I opened my eyes, I was lying on the couch at Ed’s working room, my feet resting on a cushion, slightly higher than my head. He looked at me every now and then out of the corner of his eye, while he worked with his laptop on his thighs and his feet on the table.

- How do you feel? –he asked coldly when he saw I was awake-
- Not too bad, considering that since I was abducted and confined here I’ve been ceaselessly scared by ghost women, vampire-looking butlers, pied pipers, a zillion mice and a 300-year-old editor who gets upset at me for silly things I said but don’t really mean. –I hissed, my blood boiling-.

He listened to me patiently.

- Have you already finished your rant? –he asked-
- Yes! –I shouted, real cross-.
- Good.
- What happened before I fainted?
–I asked, a bit confused-
- You were here with Ioana, reading my book on the page that talks about you –he said, calmly-

Ooh, shit, yes, I remembered that immediately. The paragraph about a jet black haired, brown eyed Virgo girl with a dark mole on her left boob and blah blah blah. It was –supposedly- me.

- It could be anyone –I said-.
- No Leni, it’s you. -he replied-
- How can you possibly be so sure? There must be loads of girls in the world who would fit that description.
- Because I saw your face
. –he said, staring at me-.

I didn't expect that. He left me speechless.

- And tell me… what makes you think you can read my book? –he asked, a bit upset-
- You told me about the book some weeks ago. Ioana showed it to me. I didn’t know it was private! –I answered-.
- It IS private. Didn’t your parents teach you to ask for permission? –he asked, laughing ironically without even looking up from his laptop-

He was scaring me a bit, talking to me like that, but I ignored his rudeness. He continued typing quietly for some minutes. Then, he left his laptop on the table, stood up and walked towards me. I sat up on the couch and stepped back, afraid. He pinched my chin in his fingers and whispered:

- Face me.

I looked into his mischievously twinkling blue-greyish eyes.

- I don’t give a fucking shit whether you like it or not. I wrote that long before you were born. And it was one of the clearer visions I ever had about my future. But don’t fool yourself. Don’t think I love you just because I had a dream about you. Not even because I think you’re hot. It’s because I love your mind and soul. But, in your own words… enough emotional porn, baby.

He was real good at hitting back.

- There’s no need to be rude. Take me home. –I said, with a low voice-
- Yeah, country roads. –he laughed-. I’m sorry honey, but last plane to South Sandwich took off at 1PM, so you’re leaving tomorrow. I’ll drive you to the airport and make sure you’re booked on the first flight back home.

I felt very disappointed to hear that.

- Are you throwing me out??? –I asked-
- Kind of. -he answered, very calm-
- What about our book?
- That’s history, babe. You can keep my chapters and Hellgirl will get the copyright. I’ll find you a publisher and your problems will be over. I’ll make sure your book is a best seller under Hellgirl’s name. And now I declare our association formally dissolved.
–he chuckled-
- That’s not fun at all. Why are you so cruel to me? –I cried-
- Who’s being cruel to whom? –he asked, raising his voice-
- I’m harmless!
- You harmless? You’re adorable, tender and sweet; but not harmless. You’re a danger to men! –he laughed-

That really pissed me off. I rushed to the corridor. As I walked to my room, back in the second floor, I passed in front of Angus Davies’ picture. Ed’s nasty ancestor didn’t miss the chance to shout at me: “Good riddance!”.

I was fed up with that one; with the Seashell Islands; with Ed and Angus Davies; with their mansion called Cape Hope and with everything. So I unhooked the picture and turned it over. Angus Davies was now facing the wall. He couldn’t see me and I couldn’t hear him anymore. I had always wanted to do that.

- I have had it! Hasta la vista, baby! –I laughed-

That night I packed my bags. It was a sad end to my summer holidays. At 5.30 PM, the butler knocked on my door.

- Miss Qinan, Lord Davies would like you to join him for dinner at 7.00PM at the blue room.
- I’ll be there.
–I said-

I didn’t really feel like having dinner at the blue room -which was Ed’s room- but didn’t want to leave Ed’s house in bitterness either. So I chose a purple dress for the occasion and dolled up to say goodnight and goodbye to him until who knows when.

- Thanks for joining me, Leni. –he said, smiling very politely when he saw me-.
- It’s my pleasure. –I smiled-

He took my hand and we sat at the table, very quiet, pretending that nothing had happened between us. The unemotional butler served our dinner and left in silence, closing the door. I sticked the fork into the vegetables on my dish.

- You haven’t had a bite to eat, baby. Are you okay? –he asked-
- I’m fine, but not very hungry… actually, I came here just to make peace with you. –I answered-
- That’s nice. I appreciate.
- Will you write the book with me, Ed?
- Nope.
- Why not?
- You didn’t use the chance I gave you. You have done nothing to deserve a second chance.
–he chuckled-

Normally I would get irritated to hear that, but not this time.

I had a strange reaction, and I still can’t explain this but I felt the irresistible desire of seducing him. I kicked off my heels and started rubbing his leg with my foot. I couldn’t help it.

- I hate you.-I whispered-
- I hate you too. –he smirked-

His eyes became dark blue and glowed as he gazed at me. I stretched my leg to reach his thigh and increased the rubbing. That excited him big time.

My dark ruby stone was shining intensely in my small handbag. I tried my luck and stretched my leg once more to reach his trouser zipper. I could feel it was starting to push into the sole of my foot. I gently put some pressure there. He was still very quiet.

I crawled under the round table where we were having dinner, which was covered by a large white napkin, hanging like a swag from the edge. I laid on the carpet, my heart beating like a machine gun, aching for him. I undid the buttons of my purple dress, took it off, closed my eyes and started counting down out loud. “Ten, nine, eight, seven, six…”

He couldn’t resist the temptation: he lifted the napkin, rushed to my side and reached out his hand to stroke my breasts; my belly; my naked thighs.

- God I want to fuck you, Leni.

We kissed long and deep, both desperate for each other. I slipped a hand into his trousers. He let a moan out. I pulled his jeans and boxers down and laid on top of him. He pushed my string to the side and gently thrusted inside me.

Overwhelmed with urge and passion, soon I felt the world stop... and everything disappeared. Everything but a white cloud over me. I lost consciousness and control. I could only feel his scent; his perfect hands; his endless breathtaking kiss; his deep blue look.

I could feel him throbbing, pulsating inside me; and then, when he let a long groan from deep of his throat… I threw my head back, my whole body convulsing, shouting his name with pleasure.

My skin glowed with the exertion. He carried me in his arms to his bed, covered me tenderly with the silky sheets and laid beside me, fascinated. I smiled, rolled over from my belly to my back, as he spooned up against my body, whispering into my ear:

- Now say you don’t love me.

I didn’t say anything.

"I don't love you" (My Chemical Romance)


max said...

Hey girl!

I can't believe what I'm reading! Removing your shirt under the table and shagging the editor! Jeez, you know what you're doing?
Where on earth is your Bob Gausman???.

Ed is right, you're very dangerous!
I must admit you're a very clever little lady... you will surely convince him to write that book with you, lol. Don't forget he's a good catch! ;)

Good post, Leni. I enjoyed reading. Keep them coming.

Leni Qinan said...


Read my tag: DANGEROUS WRITER. It's self explanatory.

Where on earth is my Bob Gausmann? Haven't heard from him for the last month, but read my next post: there's some news about him there.

I will certainly convince Ed to write the story with me. Not so sure I would be interested in marriage, lol.

Thanks for your sweet comment!

max said...

Btw, nice new pic. You look gorgeous!

Leni Qinan said...

Thanks Max. I appreciate.


Fernando said...

Madre mía, si que te han hecho efecto las vacaciones.... Vuelves pegando duro.

Me alegro de ver que estás animada.

Leni Qinan said...

Hola Fernan, pues ya ves, estas vacaciones he estado escribiendo mucho y me han abandonado en las fauces del editor, ya ves.

Estoy muy animada, sí (intento verle la parte positiva a las cosas, aunque la vuelta al trabajo no tenga mucho de alegre, pero estos días estoy muy tranquila, así que disfrutaré de esta paz, que la semana próxima se me acaba lo bueno).

Cuídate y pasa un buen día en tu bahía.


Ghost Particle said...

hey Leni. superb flow...u write it so well. :)

and now im really enjoying the dangerous writer dimension in all this. :) :)

Leni Qinan said...

Hey Ghosty! Nice to see you again here!

WOW thanks! (*Leni superblushes*)
Coming from you this is a REAL COMPLIMENT! I appreciate!

I'me very glad to know you enjoyed the dangerous writer dimension, there was real danger in this post, eh? lol.

Ghost Particle said...


real danger, real talent, real images...everything.

Nahuatl said...

Hey Leni!

I am writing this comment to tell that I really loved the music you posted here.

Apart from that it wud be a repetition to say that your post was really evoking. :)

God bless!

Leni Qinan said...

Hey Ghostie!

So nice to see you're becoming a regular here!

Thanks, dear, you're very sweet.

I really appreciate to get the opinion of a colleage writer and am very interested too in your beautiful literary works. :)

Leni Qinan said...
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Leni Qinan said...

Nayan! Welcome!!!

I also know you from H-E and love your rants with Ghostie. Feel free to go bananas here, as much as you like, lol.

I'm glad you loved the song. My Chemical Romance is a fav here. They're a bit goth, a bit metal, and very emotional -especially the singer- I like them a lot. Their songs have a lot of feeling (that's the reason why I chose this one).

I'm very glad too that you liked the post. The story goes on!


Nahuatl said...

Thank you Leni! =)

"love your rants with Ghostie"
He is my brother.. and he is stupid most of the times. :D
So, we baboons fight everywhere. But it would be too much to spoil your blog too :)

"My Chemical Romance"
"very emotional -especially the singer"
When I looked at him, I knew tht he is something... much better than every other day bands. He can emote veryy well. I like! :)

Grass said...

The love scene with Ed was hot! I have to agree with everyone here, it seems that your dangerous side is attracting men here LOL like flies on exposed fruit! LOL anyway, it's nice to see new faces here.. and Max too! It's been a while since last time I came here.

I wanted to read the previous post as I realized that this was a sequel but I couldn't stop myself from reading the rest after starting.

gotta read the previous ones!