Friday, October 29, 2010

Thanks for all the fish

Saying farewell is never easy, especially after 3 years of dedication and commitment.

I started blogging on the 11th November, 2007 and am now taking a break. Maybe for some months, maybe forever. The decision to take this step is a carefully thought-out one, although I make it under an atmosphere of mixed feelings.

Over this time, Dangerous Writer evolved from starting as a Spanish-speaking site with the purpose of publicising my writing, to becoming an English written blog where I posted a serialized fictional story and a number of short tales.

However, keeping such rate of work has proved to be too time-consuming for me and too demanding for those who stop by. I must now move on to new projects, new commitments and new horizons.

Despite the circumstances in which I leave, I will always remember Dangerous Writer fondly. Over these three years, I made new friends, met excellent people and I wish them the best in their lives. I have been touched, moved and overwhelmed by the response I have received and I thank each and every one of you. I also wish to thank those who struggled to recover my disappeared comments from Blogger when my old blog was removed. I will never forget this.

And last but not least, I’ll always treasure the memory of those who inspired the best pages of this blog. Sadly, I haven’t heard from them for a while. I wrote each word, took each picture and edited each video for you.

Hasta la vista my friends, wherever you are.

The Author (a.k.a. Leni Qinan)