Sunday, April 27, 2008

Farewell at the Tiki bar (III)

- Len: who the fuck is that Walt and why are you going to the party with him???
- And what do you care??? You dumped me!!!
- That’s technically impossible, babe, we never dated. Now answer my question, please: who’s Walt?

- A good friend.
- How good?

- As good as to show me how jealous you can be of any male predator who would be stalking me.
- I’m not jealous.
- Call it what you want to, but you don’t need to conceal those jealousy feelings creeping up on you. I love them.
- Dream on ... now forget about Walt; give him the finger; get the cheerleader stuff and say you'll go to the party with me.

- Just for my info… is the word “please” included in your vocabulary? -I asked-
- Of course it is. Will you PLEASE go to the party with me? -he said-
- Good. I will. It was easy, wasn’t it?
- I told you not to be the smarty-pants, Len.
- Ok. I may have a light blue outfit but no pompons.

- Hum... I’ll see to it, don’t worry.

My light blue pleated tennis mini skirt and top would do for a cheerleader. The day after Bob came home to pick me up.

- Wow Len! You look stunning! –he said-
- Thanks!
- I have something for you. –he said, handing me two light blue pompons-
- Oh, thank you! Where did you buy them?
- I made them myself at home this morning with old stuff I found in the attic.

I could have kissed him right on the spot but I held back my enthusiasm and offered him a big smile instead. I shook the pompons and jumped, overwhelmed with happiness. They were great! We put our coats on and went out.

I pressed the lift button and gave him a second smile. We took the lift downstairs, but when we reached the fifth floor, it creaked dreadfully. We looked at each other not daring to say anything. Some seconds later, there was another horrible crunch and the lift abruptly ground to a halt. The metal door opened very slowly and placed us in front of a concrete wall. We were shut in. My heart was beating fast. My legs started shaking.

- Bearing in mind that it’s almost midnight and my neighbours would report me to the police if I rang the alarm bell now, I presume it's over. Kaput. Finito. No one will ever hear us. Air and space are in short supply here. We are going to die of hunger, thirst and fright, suffocated inside this damned lift!!! –I said in a panic-
- Calm down, baby. A gorgeous fireman will get you out very soon. –he laughed-
- Nooo! The mobile phones are out of coverage and everybody’s out for the week-end; we will stay here unnoticed until next Monday!!!

I was really frightened. He noticed that, held me tight and whispered into my ear:

- Nothing wrong is gonna to happen to you, baby. Trust me. –he said as he stroke my hair-.

The pompons fell on the floor. I couldn’t resist feeling him so close and kissed him real deep. Teeth clashed and tongues licked causing waves of lust. We were overwhelmed with desire. He pulled me firmly towards him so that his chest and hips were pressed against mine.

- I want you so badly, Len –he said-.

We were leaning on the lift’s wall, but slowly slid down to the floor, where we started heavy petting. I was almost delirious with desire. My hands travelled down his chest to the waistband of his boxer shorts. Plain white. No trace of the Orsinian flag this time. I slid my hand underneath and teased him. We moved together; my heart was beating like thunder.

Everything was happening fast. I urgently undid his jeans and he ripped my string off. Then, he removed my bra completely, hissing with pleasure. He tasted of sweet venom; of irresistible temptation and unveiled mystery.

I had dreamed a hundred times of that moment. But it always happened on a bed full of red rose petals; in the highest tower of a medieval castle; on the golden sands of a tropical beach; on the snows of mountains on top of the world; on thick white cotton-like clouds a thousand feet high; under the wet exotic breezes of the monsoon; even in my warm and humble bed. Yet although we were shut in an old lift covered in the marks, scratches and blows it had picked up over the years ... it didn’t really matter to me where the hell we were, as long as we were together. Waves after waves of pleasure were flowing through the two of us.

When I thought I could take it no more, we were sucked into the whirl of a Cosmic Orgasm: One of monumental dimensions; huge; overwhelming; ecstatic; unusual; simultaneous; the kind to make you moan without control; almost faint; violently cry with pleasure. In a word: KOZMIK”.

- Man that was awesome! –I whispered, breathless, spellbound, still shivering and covered with sweat-.

He had a smiling far away look in his eyes and could hardly talk. I snuggled into him, my head on his chest and fell asleep to the sound of his heartbeat. He smiled at me and pulled his coat over us.

We woke up thirty minutes later, when the lift began to descend slowly. Our journey finished at the ground floor, where the door opened. Just like that. We went upstairs to my flat for a calming coffee.

- Just one trick to make you laugh, ok? A clown’s nose. –he said as he took two small red balls from his pocket-

He put it on and I did too. We cracked up.

- I’m not done with you yet
-he said serious, looking into my eyes-

That night the notorious boy of the wild spent the night with me and we played in my bed until the sun rose. When I woke up he was gone, but he had left this note on my pillow:

“Come to my twisted world of bricks and war games and I will do the weirdest things for you, babe. You drive me crazy.

Two galaxies have just crashed above us. Let's dance this waltz while the stardust is falling on our heads.

If I hadn't found you yet, I would be looking for you in my dreams. You're a favourite person.


Again, that night I cried my eyes out until I fell asleep. But those were tears of happiness.

Goodnight to you, wherever you are.

Awesome English translation of the poem "Pequeño vals vienés" (Little wienese waltz) of Federico García Lorca (1898-1936), the Spanish poet killed during the Civil War, and wonderful music by Leonard Cohen. This song is included in his album "I'm your man" (1988).


Senses & Nonsenses said...

...por lo menos voy a poder disfrutar del gran leonard cohen.

un abrazo.

Sed said...

Hehehehe ara segur segur que menjara de la teva ma, t'ho aseguro !!

Despres de lleguir aixo sera el tio mes orgullos de qualsevol galaxia, estara que se sale !!

Escolta a tots t'els guanyes d'aquesta manera !!! jejejejejjejejej

Apa cuidat i petons,

M¡grada el comte i ja veig que aixo dels ascensors t'agrada,

Leni Qinan said...

Hola Senses, me alegro de verte por aquí otra vez!

Algún día traduciré la historia, jajaja! Pero bueno, al fin y al cabo es un vals entre dos que se quieren sin decírselo y se toman las cosas según van llegando. Sin compromisos.

Esa es la esencia de la historia, con algo de humor y mucho cariño.

Me alegro de que hayas disfrutado de la música de Leonard Cohen. Yo no me canso de escucharla.

Un fuerte abrazo.

Leni Qinan said...

Hola Sedi!
Ufffff ja tho diré!
Lo dels ascensors és super eròtic, si consegueixes dominar la por -jo no sempre puc!-.
Bueno, aquesta historia va començar d'una altra manera -mai sé com acabará fins al final mateix- pero l'home del espai ha sigut molt inspirador, sí.

Ja parlarem. Petons i bon dilluns!!

s said...

:D excellent

I only had the time to read half of it before i went to work, just till the part of the elevator (and my eyes spotted the 2 words Cosmic Orgasm). Let me tell you this: the twenty times i had to take the elevator today was different than the usual ones :P

Good to read everything turned out to be great with you and Bob.

s said...

That was me, Mocky btw hahah

Leni Qinan said...

Yeah, I knew who you were, Mocky; you're unmistakable, hahaha.

Too bad you only had the time to read half of it, but at least you could read the 2 magic words. :)

So now you're enjoying to take the elevator, right?
What happened there? 20 times??? WOW! Could you tell Bob how to ... ((20 times!!!)), hahahaha.

Yeah things are fine between Bob and me (are they?) I hope so.

Thanks for visiting Mocky, and always nice to have you commenting here. :)

max said...

La cosa acaba bien. Al final resultó que el chaval se anima, pero si no llega a ser por que casi se descuelga el ascensor...

Estos tíos que necesitan de un cataclismo para llegar a entender un mensaje tan claro...

Leni Qinan said...

¡Hola Max!

La cosa acaba MUY BIEN.
Tienes razón, algunos tíos necesitan un buen golpe en la cabeza para empezar a actuar. Como ves, yo soy especialista en darlos, jajajaja.

Debo decir en su descargo que el KOZMIK ORGAZM estuvo c*j*n*d*mente increíble.

¿Tú sabes lo que es un KOZMIK ORGAZM? Si sí, me alegro por tí. Si no, pruébalo. Te lo recomiendo.

XXX. Leni.

max said...

Querida Leni; si quieres saber lo que es un auténtico "KOZMIK ORGAZM" olvídate de mozalbetes aficionados que necesitan "golpes en la cabeza"...Te recuerdo que me pongo a tu entera disposición.

Leni Qinan said...


Gracias, pero ya lo he probado y de momento no necesito variedad, estoy servida. :)

Un diez por el morro que tienes. Que Dios te lo conserve, pero no te lo aumente.

XXX. Leni.

Grass said...

Oooh La La! My heart is singing for you dear! hehehe! Bob is romantic and poetic.. :-) I'm happy to know that this blog ended nicely, though, I presume the story hasn't really ended, has it?;-)

xxx Grass

Leni Qinan said...

That’s right Grass: the story hasn’t really ended –I’ll tell you a secret: there’s another story in progress about Bob+me-.
He is quite wild, but in the back of his mind he is romantic and poetic, almost mystic. And therefore his romantic attempts must be appreciated twice as much! Bob is a very nice man who just tries to get by without being hurt. But he has a dilemma: Len or not Len. Let’s wait and see.

XXX. leni.