Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sleepless nights

- Good morning, babe. Did you sleep well? –he asked me at 8AM. Late for him, early for me-

No. I couldn’t get any sleep at all that night. I was already becoming a regular in his bed –and that was nice indeed- but it was hard to get used to sleep with someone else.

I mean… it’s sweet to be held and stroked at night and all, but… have you ever slept with someone who holds you in his sleep like he’s gonna choke you in a deathlike grip? Well. I have.

At 2:15AM Bob put his arms around my neck. That big bear hug was very lovely but he was squeezing me like toothpaste. I anxiously tossed and turned until he released his hug. Then I closed my eyes and started counting sheep.

I was already envisioning an endless series of identical white lambs jumping over a fence in the Burdish countryside, going deep into dreamlike fantasies and about to reach REM phase –that must have been around 3:00AM-, when I felt his breathing on the back of my neck. I have unbearably ticklish neck and I’m fine with that. But not when I’m trying to sleep at 3:00AM.

I pushed him softly. He rolled onto his back and continued to sleep. BUT. Some minutes later he turned back and grabbed my hips. Then he spooned up against my back so I couldn’t move. I usually don’t move a lot when I’m trying to get some sleep. But just knowing I couldn’t do that, made me feel like moving even more. At first it was just that annoying thought rolling around inside my head. Some time later, my mind was out of control and I was shaking my arms and legs in frantic motion until he finally set me free.

He had slept like a baby that night. But I couldn’t sleep a wink. His oneiric spontaneous tokens of love and affection left me no choice: I lied to him. Yes, I bloody lied for the sake of our recently started relationship.

- Oh, yes. I slept like a rock! –I said enthusiastically-.
- Cool. Wanna have a power breakfast, Len? Don’t move and you’ll be served in bed.

He rushed to the kitchen. In the meantime, I indulged myself leaning backwards on the pillows. I fell asleep on the spot. I needed to sort it out urgently: I loved to sleep with him, but it would do me no good if I was going to be sleepless every night.

Some time later –it seemed to me that it passed in the blink of an eye-, he was back. He woke me up with a soft kiss. I could hardly open my eyes.

- Wake up, sleepyhead. I have plans for us today. –he said-

Breakfast was on a tray overloaded with hot coffee, milk, orange juice, toasts, butter, marmalade, cheese and ham. I usually had just an apple and a glass of milk, but that looked real good and I stuffed myself. He was happy as a clam.

He poured me a strong coffee. I woke up suddenly when I heard what his plans were:

- There’s a desert beach near Sand Bay where I usually go to test my smoke grenades. Would you like to join me there?
- You do smoke grenades? –I asked, a little bit shocked-
- Oh yes, since I was a kid. It’s easy and funny. You just need a good smoke mixture, basically potassium chlorate, lactose and a dye. Then you have to heat it slowly until it gets brown like peanut butter and…
- And you blow yourself up. I wouldn’t be surprised if I had to gather your arms and glue them to your body one fine day.
- Nah! They’re only smoke nades. They don’t blow up. They’re safe. But thanks. I'll bear it in mind.
- Safe, huh?
–I asked-
- Absolutely.

I had serious doubts about the safety of his homemade smoke grenades. Bob was always a surprise package. His pyromaniac kid’s dreams survived through the years and he was still playing the nutty professor.

- They’re safe, Len. You’ll love them. I do them in all colours.
- Where do you make them?
- In the kitchen, of course.

Jeez and he had made our breakfast there. I was feeling a bit apprehensive. Inexistent powder dust and other imaginary chemicals were already getting inside my lungs; tingling in my throat; making me cough. But apparently, I had no trouble breathing.

- So… why don’t we spend the day there? Let’s take our bath suits, some sandwiches and the nades. Say yes. Please.

I finally agreed to join him. He drove north for one hour until we got to Sand Bay and then walked for one more hour. Bob took his binoculars and had a careful look.

- Good. Nobody here.

It was a beautiful beach with soft white sand and warm calm water. It was damned hot. I took my T-shirt off, spread out my towel on the sand and started topless sunbathing. He suddenly went into a panicky mode:

- Hey! Wo wo wot do you think you’re doing, Len? –he babbled-
- What am I doing?
- These lovely teenage boobs are mine and only mine!
–he said pointing at my tits-. I’m not gonna share them with the rest of the guys on the beach!
- The beach is deserted, Bob. And you’re being silly.
- What if someone comes and…
-he stammered-
- And what? Are you telling me not to topless, huh?
- That's right.
- What a ruddy nerve you have! My boobs are mine! You can touch them, but they’re not yours! I’m not your personal property!
–I said, standing up on the sand-

I was really shocked. He always bragged about his broad-mindedness and tried so many ways to show me he was a receptive, tolerant and liberal guy. But, hey, my boobs seemed to be the honourable exception to all that controversial fake progressivism!

I turned back and moved over. I put the T-shirt on again hastily. I was so pissed off.

- Where are you going? –he asked-
- Out for a walk.
- Can I walk with you?
- No you can't!

I walked for almost half an hour on my own until I got over my anger.

- I’m sorry for what I said before. –he apologized when I was back-
- That’s ok.
- It’s your decision. Who am I to tell you what to do.

I accepted his apologies and took my T-shirt off again.

He lit a small fire and carefully heated up one of the nades he carried in his bag. He threw it with all his strength. The nade spew red thick smoke, forming a beautiful unstable cloud that vanished over the sea some seconds later. I clapped my hands.

- Very nice -I said-
- Wanna throw one? –he asked me-
- Nah! With my kind of bad luck, I’d surely blow up my hand.

He threw again on my behalf. The nade produced a hypnotic cloud of blue smoke strangely shaped by the breeze. He really liked these things.

- Hey big. Stop the fireworks for a moment and let’s have a swim. -I said-
- Len. Turn around.

He softly pushed me face down on the sand. Like Quest for fire. Like taking and dominating. He had that primary thing.

Men are visual creatures. He enjoyed the sight of my butt as he thrusted in and out of me between my cheeks, he said. It was raunchy, primitive, raw sex. But it was delightful and exciting. I brought my legs together and squeezed him slowly and gently, thrusting back and forth too as I started feeling a strong supergasm approach from miles away that made me let out a strangled cry. “I’m gonna cum…” he said just a bit later and squashed me on the sand, his arms enfolding me. He groaned loudly and collapsed beside me.

Then, and only then, we had that swim.

We finished our day at his place watching the soccer match, of course. And yes, South Sandwich won again. It was a 1-nil win, but we were champions.

Fireworks, cars blowing their horns and street celebrations could be heard in the distance; for one night, everybody was happy.

- This is for you. Congrats my lil' Sandwichian. I know you don't care a lot about the footy, but just the same.

He put eight nades alongside each other on the backyard. Eight smoke jets sprang up from them: yellow, blue, orange and green. I held him, strongly overwhelmed by that nice touch. It moved me to tears. I'm too mushy for my own good sometimes.

- Hey baby, don't cry.
- Nah. As the song goes... it's just that smoke got in my eyes
-I said, smiling-.

"I'm your man" (Leonard Cohen)


Grass said...

smoke bombs.. nice.. A friend of mine from Chemistry Department taught me how to make bombs out of alcohol and bottles LOL and they don't just spit smoke! yikes! But colorful smokes are way cooler!

topless on the beach? I haven't done that.. Maybe someday...hehehehe

congratulations to Sandwichians! Whohoo.. This calls for celebration ! :-)


Grass said...

As for spending sleepless nights..hmmm, why don't you tell Bob honestly that you can't sleep with his heavy arms or legs around you? I'm sure he'll understand..


max said...


Congrats on the soccer! I bet you were watching the match yesterday, just as I did!
Jeez, what a match! I was glued to my chair! Shame that Zantland couldn’t make it, but Sandwich was better, I must reckon! So Viva South Sandwich! :)

Cool post! Pinic on a desert beach, topless girl and smoke grenades. What an explosive cocktail.

Why in the world won’t you find yourself a bf who reads the paper peacefully in the mornings while having his coffee, instead of that dude of yours who shoots at pigeons in the forest, gives you a dirty toilet for your birthday and does coloured smoke grenades in your honour?

Your Maxi. From Orsinia.

PS.- I would never object at you toplessing, lol. ;) Take care.

s said...

hmmm sleepless nights ... it can be troublesome, i know. Just tell him about it, like grass said, would be the best i think. Or do the same to him when hes asleep, hold him tight so you can sleep and cant lol.

Smokebombs eh, sounds interesting. Boys will be boys i guess :P So sweet that they made you cry though.

And yes, congrats on the footy match, you are the new champions, nice.

but why didnt he want you to be topless on the empty beach? Strange. But, you showed him your teeth and he apologized, so thats good :)

Thanks Len.

Leni Qinan said...

Hi sis!

Yeah smoke bombs, how funny is it? This pyromaniac guy of mine is very fond of powder stuff –I hope he’s not arrested one day!-.
LOL you can make bombs? You??? Such a lovely and harmless creature???
OMG what a dangerous gang I have here, hahaha.

Yeah, topless on the beach. It’s quite normal on most beaches here. I’ve been doing it for years and I’ll keep on doing it as long as the sight won’t offend other people, lol.
Tell me about your experience if you try. You will get nice suntanned boobs. Hahaha. Sowee, I feel a bit naughty today.

Everybody’s sleepy and happy. The soccer match kept all the country awake a bit later than usually. Thanks for the greetings, sis. I said in another blog that I expected to have the day off or some extra money on account of the 1st place in the soccer championship, but no. It’s just a plain hot working Monday, lol. I’ll take it easy.

Big big hug.

Leni Qinan said...

Thanks Maxi!

Yes, I watched the match –just like everybody else here-. I was not really looking during the first half, but I did watch the second. Thanks! Zantlanders were not bad at all either!

Max, I don’t like the kind of guy who washes his car on Sundays, you know that. In all honesty, I would have loved a diamond ring instead of a dirty toilet as a birthday gift, but the intention is what really counts in my opinion. I’m not greedy. And I loved the coloured smoke nades.

Big kiss.

PS.- I know you wouldn’t object me toplessing, but would you object your Lilly doing so? What about the other guys sharing the sight of her massive boobs?

Leni Qinan said...

Hi Mocky!

I think I need to have a word with Bob just to let him know that I need to sleep and breathe at night, lol. I feel bad about it because it’s a very honest and unconscious token of love and it’s lovely. I may ask him to sleep on the couch, but I don’t think he’ll like that. (me neither, to be honest).

Yeah smokebombs. I bet he played a lot with his chemistry game when he was a kid. I keep thinking it’s a remainder of men’s atavisms (you know: no hunt, no stalk, then you must do something to let your primary instincts and testosterone free, apart from doing it doggy style, hahahaha). ((Sorry for the dirty joke, lol, but I couldn’t help it!))

Yeah the smoke nades in my honour made me cry –I go all mushy sometimes, these things really touch my heart-.

About the topless thing: There’s a reason for that. Not that he is a conservative but rather a bit insecure of himself. That should be cooked out of him, for sure. There’s no real reason why he should be, but human behaviour is sometimes amazing and hard to explain.
You will have the chance of spotting this insecurity in the coming posts ‘cos there will be new characters onstage.

Thank you for being always there on the other side!

Len. ;)

Leni Qinan said...

Oh sis, about telling Bob not to hold me at night... it will be hard, I dont wanna hurt him. Besides, he is not aware of what he does -he's asleep- so... he may have to sleep on the couch, hahaha. No I hope we can arrange that in a better way.


Donnnnn said...


It's true, it is hard to actually sleep with someone else who is a perma cuddler...a little while is nice but then off to your corners so that you can get some rest.

Love the beach scenario and let me be perfectly clear I would not stop someone from going topfree

here in the Colonies we have a lot of Victorian/Puritan hangover and although it's OK to show 1000 people getting riddled with bullets seeing a bare chested woman is obscene? HELLO!

No wonder we are so hung up about it? I went to a nude beach in Vancouver but it was populated by old hippies and gay men so I was quite disapointed...
I MEAN that more women my age were not exercising their basic human rights. HA!

Great story and Quest For Fire is one of my all time favorites because nobody even tries to make prehistoric dramas...10,000 BC was a f*cking disaster...I did a review here called Quest For Mire!

It was interesting how in QFF the higher evolved Humans invented the missionary position...mind you they suggested that it took some herbal modification to the pleasure centre but hey whatever works!

Leni Qinan said...

Hi Donn!

I agree with you, perma cuddlers (haha) are nice, but just for a little while! On top of it, in SSI we have these small beds (not the king size ones you have in the colonies, lol big people there) and in summer it's real hot -we're having 40ºC = 104ºF

Good to know that you're for topfree women. Over here it's quite usual and nobody makes a fuss of it -the biggest nude beach of Europe is here! Nudeism is for some people a personal philosophy and they take it seriously. There are nudist families!

I bet you would have had a better time over here than in Vancouver, So welcome!

For the moment I am happy just topfree, hahah.
Thanks for the topfree link. I liked the idea and I'll switch from topless to topfree. The connotations are certainly more positive.

I agree with you about the puritan hangover at the colonies: some of my friends in the US won't even join me to the swimming pool (not topfree, but in their bathsuit and me too) just because they're shy about it. Yet they're not shy at all about things I'm not allowed to unveil in this blog, hahaha.

Wow Donn, I loved your Quest For Mire post! I couldn't help scrolling down the mouse after that and... you saw Pan's Labyrinth! Spanish film, isn't it amazing? I found it so oneiric and fantastic in the middle of the Spanish war!

QFF is a favorite film here too. I loved the primitive guys struggling for the fire and i won't deny I will never forget how the film shows the way they invented the missionary position as more evolved sex!

I'm not sure about that, tho -missionary is often referred to as a classic, in derogatory terms, and other not so usual positions -doggy style among them- are very demanded as a nice change.

It's nice to innovate/discover within agreed and rational limits. But just my view. ;)