Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Alec Magnus strikes again

When I woke up, Ed was still beside me. I had slept for three hours resting my head on his shoulder.

- Good morning to you. Sleeping that much at odd times is not good to prevent jet lag, Leni. -he said-
- Hmmm.
- How do you feel?
- Like crap. I have a pounding headache.
- You should do something about your fear of flying. There are crash courses, therapies, drugs…
- Ok. I promise to think about it tomorrow. Are we flying yet?
- Yep.
- Jeez. And next week I have to fly back.
- Unless you plan to settle in Orsinia and live there forever.
- No way! I’m very happy in my little island.

I sat up and stretched myself.

- Hrm… can I ask you… are you an Aries, Leni?
- Hm. No. I’m a Virgo with an Aries ascendant.
- You said Virgo???
- Yes. Why?
- Don’t tell me you have a dark mole on your left breast. Sorry for the strange question, but I need to know.

I undid the buttons of my shirt; had a thorough look and, yes! I had a tiny black mole on my left breast.

- How did you know that? -I asked him-
- Oh my god.
- What?
- Are you kidding me?
- No, I’m serious.
- I will explain it to you, but you will never believe me. Left or right?
- Left. Why?
- Are you sure it’s on the left?
- Of course I am. Look.

I undid the buttons of my shirt once more and showed it to him. He approached me to have a closer look. His long hair brushed my neck and breasts softly. It tickled me.

- Oh my… what a lovely breast… and what a lovely mole… -he said, gasping-

I saw his eyes glow from brilliant blue… to fierce red! For a split second I feared he would bite my neck.

- Ok… Now tell me… what’s the matter with the mole on my breast?
- Have you ever heard about ‘The book of life and death’?
- No. Is that some book kinda HP Lovecraft’s ‘Necronomicon’ or something like that?
- Hm… No, it’s not that or Ctulhu. These are lost legends, mad and blood-thirsty evil beings. But ‘The book of life and death’ is something else. It was written some centuries ago by an unknown author from a remote Eastern country. He made a deal with the devil to live 250 years and have visions of the future, which he wrote in a book about the future of mankind. Blinded with ambition, his soul was reborn in hell and he was condemned to be writing the book for all eternity. Until the end of the world… Doomsday, or whatever the fuck comes first.
- He lived 250 years??? I’ve never heard of that book in my whole life.
- Everyone have their own page about their future in the book.
- Really? These Hell things never cease to amaze me. But what does it have to do with me?
- I’ve read my page and it says I will have three marriages in my life... the last one is Virgo… and she’s supposed to have a dark mole on her left breast. The book says I will marry that woman and have a wonderful life with her til I die. And I already had two wives; you’re Virgo; you have a mole on your left breast.

That story really scared the hell out of me. Talking about deals with hell. Would I have to live 250 years until I wrote my goddam book for Hellgirl? And… on top of it, would I be Ed Davies’ third wife till he died? What a nightmare.

- Man, what a load of baloney! –I said, giggling nervously-
- Ask Hellgirl. She will be at the wedding with Percival.

I stopped the giggles on the spot. Could it be true?

- I bet I’m not the only September girl with a black mole on her left boob.
- Prolly not. But you’re the only one I know. And you’re near me. That’s an important detail
–he said, staring at me-.

Suddenly I saw Bob appear in the corridor and stare at Ed. Bob was angry angry.

- You should be ashamed of using dirty tricks to make out with gullible girls, asshole. -he said-
- Mind your own busines, man. You have no idea of what we’re talking about. You’re a scumbag idiot. -said Ed-

Bob raised his hand to punch him, but I stopped him. He was beside himself.

- Bob, please… don’t… -I said-
- If you wanna see some tits and arses go look for them somewhere else, but not here. Wanker. Len, come with me, please. I’d like to have a word with you. -he shouted at Ed-

I buttoned up my shirt and followed him. In the corridor, he bent down and whispered into my ear:

- Babe, is it my imagination or were you showing your tits to that fucker?
- Err… no, not exactly.
- What exactly, then? I saw you undoing your shirt and showing him your breasts! Don’t deny the obvious! Come sit with me, there’s an empty seat next to mine.

Wow what a change! The indolent and sluggish blond tall alpha male known as Bob Gausman was making a fuss because his girl had shown the mole on her left tit to another guy!

- I can explain that. -I said-
- Ok, let’s hear what you have to explain.
- Remember I told you I see things?
- Oh, no. Not that again.
- Bob, please, listen to me. It’s important for me to share this with you and I’d appreciate your support here. I need you to believe in me.

How to start?

- When we met, you said to me you didn’t want to have a relationship.
- Yes, I remember.
- That really fucked me, because I was… I am, desperately in love with you. You had just broken up with Lilly. Now here comes the funny stuff: you were wearing those boxers she gave you. You didn’t know that, but they were hexed, and you were still infatuated with her. So I made a deal with hell to break that spell and then tried to win your heart by myself.
- And you expect me to believe that cock and bull story and think you’re mentally sane?
- It’s not a cock and bull story.
- I am not a believer, Len. I don’t believe in Supreme Beings.: there is only one God, and it is I.
- I wasn’t either, until this story happened.

He sighed and chuckled, skeptical.

- I know I sound nuts, Bob. But I promise you I’m not. Lilly and Max know about that too. There will be some hell people at the wedding. You will know them and I hope you believe me then.
- This is crazy, Len. It confuses me, makes me nervous and upsets me big time. I can’t help it. This is why I got mad at you when you told me you see things and I’m very sorry for that, but it’s stronger than me. I guess I should give you a vote of confidence. Is that what you’re expecting from me?
- Yes.

It was indeed stronger than him. When we arrived in Orsinia, I cancelled my bookings and stayed with him in his hotel room.

He had to let off steam somehow. After dinner, he switched his laptop on and played Enemy Territory so fiercely and with such violence that he defeated everybody under his nom de guerre: Alec Magnus.

He killed all the players in the virtual scene, just because I said I saw things and he was puzzled.

I was quietly writing down in my notepad some ideas for my book, when I noticed he was staring at me.

- What? -I asked-
- Len. Come here, please

I approached him slowly and straddled him, as he was expecting me to do. He kissed me and sucked on my lips, excited by the taste of strawberry lipstick that he so liked. He undid the buttons of my shirt; stroke my breasts. He traced a finger around my nipples, rubbing them gently until they were hard.

Then, he then held me tight and whispered into my ear:

- Tell me you’re mine, Len. Only mine.

Anger, rage, fury and madness faded rapidly.

Yes, angry make up sex is sometimes fantastic.

"The ghost of you" (My Chemical Romance)


max said...

Hey Leni,

Yay! Make up sex is the best. And angry sex… WOW, you’re wild!
I hope this fixes all your issues with Bob –though I still think he’s a sucker-.

That editor guy is really weird. I wouldn't trust him. Red glowing eyes… I hope he’s not a vampire-. But I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that. You certainly have strange friends.

It’s scary to hear about that writer still writing a book in hell. Deals with hell are dangerous, Leni –why did you do that?-.

I can’t wait to read about the wedding –my wedding, lol-. This story is thrilling.

Take care, and don’t show your tits to unkown guys, silly!

Grass said...

Sis! So Bob is the alpha male alright.. Ed should have stared fiercely at Bob with his red eyes to scare him or at least make him a believer of hell.. LOL Bob, jealous, huh? That's a good sign.. :D I thought gods don't succumb to jealousy when it comes to girls!!? hehehe

I dislike Ed.. He's a weirdo and will probably bite you the moment you aren't looking or when Bob is not around to protect you! Better watch out sis. I'll lend you my whip >:-)

If that book exists and you happen to have a copy, can I borrow it? I'd like to know a bit about my future.. I hope I'm not destined to divorce and marry a Virgo guy with mole on his _ _ _ _. Fill in the blanks! LOL

To Max: wow, your wedding.. Can I gatecrash? :P


Leni Qinan said...

Hey sis!

Yeah, Bob is the alpha male, and vulnerable to jealousy when it comes to me. And I would also say he is showing his possessive and bossy side. Yet the situation required a little some energy.

Ed is kinda dark man –not sure whether he bites or not, but I can feel his scary side-. I’ll take your advice and be careful, but… let me tell you a secret: he can mesmerize people with his glowing look. That is real dangerous. And I feel he’s a bit infatuated with me too. The problem is that he seems to be the only editor interested in my works at the moment. I may need your whip there, LOL.

He’s soft, attractive, well-mannered, devious, manipulator and very deceitful, but not a bad guy. He is doomed to burn in hell and carries his burden. That must be hard and sad. I would compare him to the main character –played by Gary Oldman- in Coppola’s “Dracula” ( (I wouldn’t object that one to bite me). Btw, it’s an excellent and very recommendable film that you’ve probably seen.

I don’t think you can borrow a copy of ‘The book of life and death’ unless you join the hell’s minions –I wouldn’t do that if I were you-. But just in case your future is to marry a Virgo guy with a mole on his ----, I recommend you to unzip and have a look before you start dating. That will certainly help you find the right dude, LOL. ((sowee… I’m your cheeky sis, remember?))

Big big hug.

Leni Qinan said...

Hi Maxi,

There’s nothing like a good shag to make peace.

This is a very useful piece of information for you, now that you finally decided to get married and become a decent man, lol. But you surely knew that before.

The editor scares me to death. He’s a stalker and I wouldn’t like to be alone with him.

The wedding story is on its way. I’ll try to speed it up!


PS.- FYI, my boobs are neither a public matter nor an exclusive property. There’s a happy medium!

s said...

oh my god, i cant believe this Ed character. You say hes a good guy, but hes damned to hell ... hrmm, that doesnt really add up.
ok heres the thing whats troubling me about him in this chapter:
he asks you if you are an Aries. You say no, a virgo. Then all of the sudden a virgo is what he needed ... again, it doesnt add up.

It seems like every day you get more and more involved in dark hellish mysteries. i sure hope this all will turn out to be cool.

Did i read this right: Is Bob god? or maybe he just thinks he is when he said this: "there is only one God, and it is I."

Nice score of bob with Enemy Territory. I happen to play that game too, so i can see hes good, but im pretty sure i never played against him. I'll keep my eyes open for him :)

Leni Qinan said...

Hi Mocky!

No, I didn't say Ed was good, but nice (he can be nice and evil, lol).

About the Aries-Virgo thing: When I behave, I am a typical Virgo -you know, a good, orderly, tough worker and formal girl-. BUT. You know I have some streaks of madness sometimes. My ascendant Aries is responsible for that. Maybe that's the reason why Ed was confused: I'm not a typical Virgo -too crazy and wild, lol-.

I can't get rid of this hellish misteries because I made that deal with Hellgirl and she won't get out of my life until I pay her. I also hope it will have a happy end.

You ask me if Bob is god. LOL, no. He is his own Supreme Being ;)
Meaning he is the most important person for himself, and he doesn't believe in magic or religions or any supernatural stuff.

Oh... you play Enemy Territory too? Really?? ;))

There is one thing I can say for sure: I don't think you will ever play against Bob, HAHAHAHA!


max said...

Dear Grassy,

You don't need to gatecrash. You're cordially invited to the wedding, sweety. :))

My Lilly and me will be very honoured and pleased to see you there. Same thing goes for the rest.

I suppose there will be a hen party for the ladies and a stag night for the gentlemen. :)

Grass said...

Thanks Max! Glad to know! :d Can I bring my whip and my unicorn Lola with me? hehehe



Grass said...

"Ed is kinda dark man –not sure whether he bites or not, but I can feel his scary side-"

I misread this sentence to: Ed is kinda dark man-not sure whether he bites or not, but I can feel his scary HIDE.. LOL I sometimes suspect that I'm a dyslexic!!

If this was the case, Ed would be like a fire-breathing red eyed dragon in hell who turns into soft, attractive, well-mannered, devious, manipulator and very deceitful human being when he's on earth for his mission: to watch you write for Hellgirl or victimized young, Virgo or Aries girls with moles on their tits.. LOL

Sorry if I have sensationalized Ed.. LOL I can't help it.. He does seem like a walking menace to me despite the seeming sweetness he shows you.. huhum

xxx Grass and her imagination

Leni Qinan said...

Hey Grassy!

Again I would recommend you to watch FF Coppola's "Dracula". The main character in the movie is the vampire in his human disguise, and in all honesty, a zillion women would fall for him -attractive, distinguished, extremely well-mannered, elegant, sensitive, caring... - Ed has some similar features and could be very dangerous to me.

There's a dark side that I still don't know, and there's a reason -important and dangerous reason- for him to be stalking me. Stay tunned, sis. More in the next chapter! LOL.

PS.- Thanks for your advice. That's sweet. I have already known some dark men -old and young Master-, and I will be very careful!

Big XXX & hug.

Donnnnn said...

Oldman's Count is one of my absolute favorite characters..brilliant..nuanced..
technically perfect, like Hopkin's Lecter.

I love your skeptic..she is still practical enough to get things done but she knows what's what!

We Humans make our mating rituals insufferably complicated don't we? I mean 100,00 years ago life was short and brutal and most other humans were trying to kill you so we certainly didn't spend too much time shopping around...thinking about whether this person is right or what they really want from us...we only had about 30 years to live!

I think that our brain just got away from evolutionary terms. Pick out the best genes available by sight and smell, get 'er done, try to stay alive.

Remember when Dracula was ravaging Lucy in the garden and then he saw Elisabeta, waved his hand and said "you don't see me"...that is an awesome trick.

Leni Qinan said...

Hey Donn!

It's a real pleasure to share this movie stuff with someone who is as fond of it as I am!

I couldn’t agree more: Oldman and Hopkins are two favs here too. Hopkins performance as Hannibal Lecter is amazing in ‘The silence of the lambs’.

I must admit I have a soft spot for movie vilains and dark men –Darth Vader (both as Annakin Skywalker or adult dude), Jack Nicholson as Torrance in Kubrick’s ‘The shining’ and as Batman’s Joker, they’re 2nd and 3rd in my list!-

You’re right, Donn, our mating rituals can be sometimes excruciatingly complicated, but amazingly funny too. Seduction is a fine art; a very pleasant little game that I really enjoy practicing; what would love, sex and relationships be without that? In all certainty, a lot less pleasant for us and our partners.

Of course, it’s faster to be more direct, but… the haunting and stalking game is a part of it –as a woman and a life adventurer, I love it-. Fortunately we live longer now and we have enough years to practice, hahaha!

Dracula’s trick in the garden is just thrilling! Another brilliant moment of that film, is when he meets Mina in the streets of old London asking her for directions –as a lost foreigner-. WOW! Oldman is perfect there! I wouldn’t object a little bite myself, hahaha!

max said...

Dear Grassy,
You can bring your unicorn (he/she will have to stay at our ranch stable, where will be well looked after by the stableboys).
Nevertheless, you are kindly invited to leave your whip at home –no weapons allowed at a wedding! Comeon!- LOL.
Take care.

Grass said...

Oh too bad Max! I wanted to do a line dance in the manner of cow boys with my whip slashing everywhere! Come on! Been practicing all day just for the dance! LOL It was supposed to be my gift for you and your dearest Lily :p


max said...

(*scratches his chin and sighs, thinking he could probably forget about the whip slash thingy*)

Hrm... I think we could fix that, but if I were you I would be very careful not to whip by accident the hell guys and gals or they would scorch your beautiful hair with hell's fire!

(*smiles confidently thinking this is a nice wedding gift...*)

Be a good girl, sweety. (If you can, lol).