Thursday, July 17, 2008

The man who wrote 'The book of life and death'

Hellgirl phoned me the morning after:

- Tomorrow in the evening there will be a hen party for the ladies and a stag night for the gentlemen at Lilly's ranch. We will have dinner and some surprises then. Lilly and Max would love to see you there. -she said-
- We’ll be there.
- Percy will fetch you at 6:00 PM. He’s punished and will be our personal clown at the hen party. He’s not the Archduke anymore.
- Oh, is he the farty guy again?
-I asked-
- Luckily for the world, the farty burpy red guy is back.

In all honesty, I couldn’t be sorry to hear that: the Percy man was a pain in the neck, but the Percy demon was great.

I’m not particularly fond of hen nights.

I could imagine what Lilly’s would be like: barbeque and loads of booze and dope at her remote Orsinian ranch. Bar and dance. Karaoke. Strippers hired to do the Full Monty while a lot of screaming pissed hillbilly ladies would throw their knickers at the most gifted guy's face. The perfect finale would be a sloshed bride rubbing the stripper’s package after having filled it with a thick roll of 100 dollar Orsinian bills.

I was lost in these thoughts when I smelled the sweet characteristic aroma of a Virginia cigarette’s smoke. Bob didn’t smoke and he wasn’t there. I was supposed to be on my own, so I was intrigued… Who and where was the smoker? I followed my sense of smell and good nose to the suite.

It was dark and cold, but the balcony was open; I remembered having closed it. I walked slowly, afraid of what I would find… when I saw Ed Davies leaning on the rail, taking a large, deep drag from his cigarette. How did he break into the house? Hell trick, of course.

He turned to face me, waved hello, slowly looked me up and down and said:

- Hey sweet princess.
- Ed! If Bob happens to find us together, he will bump you off! What are you doing here?
–I stammered-

Ed slowly took a sip from his glass of scotch and whispered in his deep and husky voice:

- I'm waiting for you.

He chuckled and his mesmerizing eyes glowed to red in the dark. That kept me fascinated. He reached out to touch my hand with his fingertips.

- Give me your hand Leni, and let me show you my world.

I was certainly scared, but my Arian streak of madness pushed me to take his hand and follow him. I was overwhelmed with pleasure, carried away by cold winds that took me to his far away land.

Ed’s world was dark and gloomy. Within my sight, heavy rain was falling quietly; sadly; endlessly. There were no trees. Only a vast meadow and a castle surrounded by dark clouds.

- Join me in the castle. Fear nothing as long as you’re near me. -he said-

I was not sure I should trust him. I had the feeling there was something hidden behind those nice manners and kindness. He was a tormented man and I was being dragged by his irresistible power of seduction. That was enough dangerous.

He stared at me quietly. His amazing dark blue eyes glowed in the dark with such intensity that I started feeling a sharp pain in my heart and I had to look down. He was unshockable; never lost his self-composure.

He put his hands on my hips and slowly pressed me to his body. I felt slightly dizzy and had to rest my head on his chest. His happiness and pains were undermining my resistance.

- I’m drawn to you… I can’t hide it. –he whispered into my ear-

I shivered nervously and stepped back, in a panic. He could feel it and let me go off.

- I’m sorry I didn’t want to scare you. –he said, smiling softly-.
- I’m not scared –I replied, very serious-

He gazed into my eyes and again I immediately suffered the devastating effects of his addictive look.

- Be mine, Leni. I am not an infatuated youngster who spends his time playing online war games. I would do amazing things just for love. Just for you. Like sending a dark cloud above you, to sparkle black diamond rain on your body or take you to the underworld and show you the beauty of places forbidden to the humans many centuries ago.
- Who are you, and why are you stalking me?
–I asked-
- I am the man who writes ‘The book of life and death’ –he said in a low voice, looking down-. My silver pen will be writing it with crooked lines for all eternity. My old greed for success took over all my life; that was my sin and this is my punishment.

He left me dumbfounded.

- I have seen you in blurred visions of the future, Leni. Don’t kill me with your indifference. That would make me… extremely unhappy –he said, as his eyes glowed-
- How could I possibly kill you again… you’re dead, aren’t you? -I asked-
- I die every time you walk by, love.

That definitely knocked me out.

He stroked my hair, held me tight and kissed my lips with intoxicating passion. I felt so weak that was dragged for some seconds of lust into his world of dark shades and overwhelming grief. That kiss left in my mouth a taste of blood.

- I find it hard to believe in your books about future and fate. I can’t accept as a fact that our destination might be written in a book. Even though, I wouldn’t want to know what my future will be. -I said-
- Everything written in that book is actually happening, Leni. My destiny is there too. And it’s linked to yours.
- You’re scaring me, Ed. Bring me back to my hotel room, please
–I begged in tears-

I could feel in my heart the deep sting of disappointment he was suffering from. He was sad like a dying angel.

He stroked my cheeks, smiled a blue smile and whispered:

- My sweet love, I’ll take you back to your world and you’ll make it safe and sound there… but I swear to God and Devil we will meet again soon. That’s for sure. –he said, gazing into my eyes once more and chuckling to himself-

"Secret love" (Buddah bar compilations)


max said...

What a nice surprise, Leni, an extra post this week! I really like this story and am very curious about the outcome.

I told you not to trust that Ed Davies guy. So he is the man who knows about the future of mankind and writes it down! And he comes out as a vampire! Take care. Don’t let him bite you. I bet you taste so sweet and spicy that he’d really love that. :)

Actually, I like the intensity of the feelings he shows for you. It's really romantic and hopeless. You don’t deserve less than that; the only thing is is that he is a bloody dracula man. But he looks like he is very much in love with you, lol. At least he shows it more than Bob.

Your crappy bf should be more aware of what's going on: finders keepers, loosers weepers, HA!


Leni Qinan said...

Hi Max,

Yeah extra post (but I'm gonna take it easy, 'cos I'm knackered. 3posts/week is tiresome, so I may either go back to 2/week or even slow it down a bit more until I get some more feedback). In the meantime, I'll try to relax for a while. I desperately need a break and some summer holidays -which btw, are just around the corner!-.

Ed is an amazing man. I am fascinated by his emotions, dark, intensity and mistery. But I think we haven't seen yet all his dark. I really enjoy writing about him, so we will be hearing more from him.

XXX. Have a nice weekend!

s said...

Ed is trying so hard, but you seem to not want it, which is good in my opinion. Does this mean your mind and heart are still with Bob?

I can imagine 3 posts a week is a lot. 2 would be much if i had to write them haha. I just read in the newspaper this week that Spanish people have a hard time to leave their work when the are on vacation, 1/3 doesnt even take a summer break.

Looking forward to the next chapter!

Leni Qinan said...

Hi Mocky,

(*scratches her chin and wonders what makes you think I don't want Ed and why do you think it's good, lol*)

For the moment, my heart and mind are still with Bob, but... you know he sometimes goes walkabout without prior notice, leaving me confused, helpless and heartbroken. Hopelessly waiting for long hours in front of the NBC building is a very sad thing to do (I bet you can imagine that, lol). So you shouldn't be surprised there might be stalkers behind my back.

This Ed guy certainly knows how to treat women, and his intensity could conquer any woman. But he has a very strong and scary dark side. The stalking story will be continuing -there's something more coming on soon-

3 posts a week is my limit, but you know i can't always do that -quite busy in rl-

Boy, you read the newspapers? lol (just teasing, haha). Yeah Spain is entering heavy financial crisis -increasing unemployment rate, and soon a strong recession too- thanks to our shitty governors and their shitty financial policy, of course.

This is basically the reason why some Spaniards can't afford to have a proper summer vacation. Not me this year -I'm taking 2-3 weeks at the beach in august and I'm really looking forward to. So you see, I'm part of the lucky ones-

And yes, posting from the seaside will be one of the best pleasures ever. So stay tunned. ;)


max said...

Oops... I expected a new chapter of the story today, just like every Monday.
I'm very curious about my wedding! LOL.

Leni Qinan said...

Hey Maxi, give me a treat!

I am already 2 posts ahead of you readerships (hen+stag party and wedding ceremony) but I won't be posting a new story until I get at least 15 comments, lol. 5 is very crappy, Max. I sincerely think the story deserves some more feedback.

You surely like to keep me busy, you lazy drones!

s said...

yea youre right len. Its a shame everyone is away.

(almost halfway with this post :) )

Leni Qinan said...

Hi Mocky!

Well, at least you+max are here, lol -I thought I could hear the echo of my voice, hahah-.

Okok. I may post tonight if you behave. ;P