Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dream making

Some people think dreams are the nightly remainders of our daily rubbish, carefully hidden in the folds of our brain cortex. According to this theory, these bits and pieces would be released during our sleep, as if our brain could throw up every night what needs to be deleted from our lives -just as a normal mental hygiene process- in exercise of the authority derived from being the major organ in the human body.

For some others, dreams are only the expressions of our restrained, rejected and suppressed hopes, wishes or fears, acted out by our brain; what we don’t dare saying or doing when we’re awake; our most secret and ignored self.

I personally prefer to avoid Gestalt therapists, Freudian theories and cheap interpretations of what happens during the natural state of bodily rest.

To me, life is but a dream and people are the dream makers. We create illusions. Some are brief, like the flash of a shooting star. Some others could last a lifetime. But regardless of its duration, a dream always becomes a world inside the real world, in the most typical Shakespearian fashion:

“We are such stuff
As dreams are made on;
and our little life
Is rounded with a sleep”
["The Tempest"]

Some time ago, I said somewhere in this diary "when I really want something, I go for it with all my might". That’s what I said to Ed when he lost his designer’s leather jacket some days ago. And I’m not talking about lost jackets here, but about perseverance and determination.
He was slack about his wish to recover it, yet he continued to complain and regret. I could understand his annoyance but not his laziness and indolence.

After our silly fight, I received a number of phone calls from him that I never answered and a few text messages that I didn’t even check. But I started setting off.

I surfed the net looking for Krook McKooky shop’s phone number, just as Dorian -my new neighbour- had recommended me to do. And I surprised myself playing one of the funniest roles that my sick mind had ever invented.

- Good morning. –said the shop assistant who answered my call-
- Good morning. I wonder if you would be kind enough to help me with a garment I’m looking for. My boyfriend bought a leather jacket at your shop some two years ago, but he lost it somewhere. He really loved it and I was wondering whether you still have it or not.
- I’m afraid we don’t. We’re only selling this year’s collection. But you may find it in the outlet shop, in the suburbs.

I thanked her and repeated the same procedure with the outlet shop, introducing some minor ornamental changes in my story, just for fun.

- My husband bought a very nice leather jacket at your shop two years ago, but he lost it in a trip. He loved it that much that I’d like to get him a new one for his birthday. I phoned the shop downtown but they said they only have this year’s collection, and I wonder if you’re still selling that jacket. -I said-
- Do you remember the name of the model? –asked the shop assistant-
- Oops, you name your jackets? –I asked back, surprised-
- Yes madam, all our designs have a name and a different colour label.

Jackets with names. I found it most peculiar.

- Erhm… to be honest, I don’t remember… -I stammered-
- Perhaps you remember what the colour of the label was? –asked the helpful girl- Orange? Green? Black?
- Eeeh… I’m afraid not. Oh, but I have a picture!

I had two snapshots of Ed wearing the leather jacket. If I managed to Photoshop them and blurr his face, I could show them at the shop.

- I think the best you can do is to come over to the shop with the picture. We’ll help you find it in the coat racks or catalogues from previous years. And if we don’t have it here, you can always order it from Krook McKooky’s shops in Southern Orsinia. –said the shopping assistant-

It sounded very promising. That same Friday afternoon I drove to the suburbs and visited the mall to do some retail shopping and then check if they had that wonderful leather jacket.

Have I already said that I simply adore to shop for clothing? Soon I found myself walking fast along the mall’s main street, carrying a hundred bags, when I found Krook McKooky’s shop on my way. Things looked like they were going right.

I rushed in and looked over all the clothes at the hangers. And you won’t believe it, but that wonderful black leather jacket was there, hanging from a coat rack. And it was calling me.

- Can I help you, please? –asked one of the shop assistants-
- Yes! I want that black leather jacket! –I screamed in excitement, pointing energetically-

I bet she never saw anyone more excited about a leather jacket than me in her whole life. I even rushed to get it.

But there was someone else there who was also interested: a guy who took it and tried it on just a second before I could get there. I almost had a fit when I saw him do that. But I quietly rushed beside him and used my most persuasive diplomacy.

- I know this is none of my business, but if I were you, I would try those brown jackets over there. They’re cheaper, same make and better quality –I said, pointing at them-

He looked at me as if I was crazy.

- That’s right, this is none of your business –he said-
- By the way… have you already noticed this black jacket is awfully expensive? –I asked-
- Yes. –he sighed, annoyed-
- I don’t think it’s your size, anyway. You’re too big.
- It is my size. I’ve just tried it on.
–he smirked-
- They may have killed wild animals to make it –I said-
- Probably. But I don’t give a rat’s ass.
- And they could have even employed underpaid oompa loompas to manufacture it!
–I said, shaking my head in disapproval-

The shop assistant looked at me with eyes wide like saucers but didn’t dare say anything. The guy laughed.

- What’s your name, please? –he asked-
- Leni.
- Ok Leni, if you were not that funny, I would have been quite rude to you. You can have the jacket. But please, tell me before I die from curiosity: Why on earth do you want it so badly?
- Give it to me and I’ll tell you why!
–I said, holding out my hand to him-

He handed me the jacket.

- Shoot. –he said-
- The guy I like loves this jacket. -I whispered-
- Let me rephrase: the guy you love likes this jacket. Lucky man, I wish my girlfriend was so unwearying!

When we finished the conversation, I ran to the cash desk, paid for the jacket with my credit card and asked to have the jacket wrapped in the finest tisue paper; tied with the loveliest ribbons; kept in the most stylish bag they had.

When I left the shop, I smiled and breathed deep. I was happier than a coondog on a bare leg.

I drove back to my place with the leather jacket in the car trunk, feeling self assured: Ed would just love it. I rang on Dorian’s door to give him the news.

- Hey, I got the jacket! –I yelled, jumping for joy-
- Jeez that’s cool, Leni. Congrats!
- Thanks for your help.
- My pleasure.
–he smiled-. I hope Ed likes it.
- How do you know about Ed?
- Everybody knows about you and Ed in Sandwich. People like gossiping and petty intrigues here. I love to have a famous neighbour.

What a small island! I never wanted to be famous. I rushed to my flat. I couldn’t wait to phone him.

- Hey Ed. –I said-
- Hello, babe. How was your day?
- Great. I bet you’ll never guess what I did today.
- Tell me, I’m all ears.
- I went shopping for clothes.
- Cool. Did you buy yourself some nice stuff?
- Oh, yes. But next to the shop where I bought myself a wonderful dress… was Krook McKooky’s. They had nice clothes for women, so I had a look. And when I was walking to the exit gate, I saw something you like. Guess what it was.
- You tell me.
- Comeon, Ed. Just a little effort. I know you can do that.

He kept quiet for a while and said:

- I don’t dare say it.
- Just try.
- …
- Please, try.
–I laughed-

- You found my old jacket???
- Yes.
- Then it would be worth to buy it.
- No.
- Why not?
- Because I bought the last one.
- Really?
- You like it a lot, right?
- Yes, true.
- Then… if you want it, you’ll have to come to my place to collect it.
- That would be lovely. I’ll be there in twenty minutes.
- I would recommend not to drive your black Bentley. Least of all with your Transilvanian driver. That would be a bit ostentatious and I live in a plain middle class neighbourhood.

He laughed.

- I only use my Bentley when I want to impress women, but I also have a small Lexus. –he said-
- Excellent. A little posh for my taste, but it will do. Anyway, try to go unnoticed, ok? Don't scare my neighbours; don’t try to impress women on your way; don’t drive at top speed; and don’t skid in front of my building or argue with other drivers, please. I hate that.
- Leni.
- Ed.
- You’re an angel. You’re making a dream come true.
- Me an angel?
–I laughed- I can be a pain of the grandest kind, Ed. You had a dream. I just had a plan.
- I’m not talking about the jacket, Leni.

I knew perfectly well what he was talking about.

Oh, by the way, two final silly details that were missing: the jacket label was orange and its name was Hades, like the Greek god of the underworld. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

"Be my angel" (Mazzy Star)



I saw a picture of you in the Wiktionary under Tenacious and Cunning!

I'm sending you my Christmas list.

Leni Qinan said...

Hey Donn!

Tenacious? Definitely.
Cunning? Moi? (*laughs*) I try my best, (you can get almost everything using dissuasive or persuasive diplomacy, depending on what you want).;))

Your Xmas list? You mean the longest Xmas list in Whateverpeg??? Hm. I guarantee everybody will get their Xmas card/present (my 1000 oompa loompa assistants will take care of that) LOL.

Anonymous said...

"J'aime celui qui rêve l'impossible." A dit Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Les rêves ne s'expriment pas qu'en dormant à moin d'être piqué au fuseau de la sourde !
En chacun de nous existe un autre être , Il nous parle à travers le rêve .
Mais cela mérite plus qu'une simple reflexion !

Je vais y réfléchir...pardon en rêver plus longuement et revenir ,pour le plaisir !

( Dans l'instant Je vous fait une bise , ça c'est un rêve !)


wow! very impressive... so very nice of you... and your man has ecellent taste. i used to wear the same coat as well... now i have several less flashy/motorcycley styled leathers... (no longer own a street bike, i do have a dirt bike though)

have a great week!

Leni Qinan said...

Bonjour Crabtree !

J’adore les rêves. Rêver l’impossible c’est le maximum désir, le maximum effort… et on peut faire un jolie réalité à partir de ce rêve.

Ah, Goethe… j’ai beaucoup aimé ‘Les souffrances du jeune Werther’

Mon cher Crabtree… est-ce que vous pensez véritablement que les rêves ne s'expriment qu'en dormant ? Il y a des gens qui rêvent éveillés, ou plutot qui songent…

Je vous attends après votre exercice de reflexion sur ce petit être que habite dans vos rêves. ;))

(*sourit et vous fait une autre bise*)

Leni Qinan said...


Crabtree said…

“I love those who dream the impossible”, said Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe.

Dreams are only expressed during our sleep ( ??? –help, Crabtree, I don’t get this idiom « d'être piqué au fuseau de la sourde »)

There is another inside each one of us, who speaks to us through the dream.It deserves much more than just a short thought !

I’m going to think about it... sorry, to dream about it for some time and then, I’ll be happy to be back !

(For the moment, I’m sending a kiss, that’s a dream !)

Leni said...

Good morning Crabtree !

I adore dreams. To dream about the impossible, is the maximum wish and the top effort. A nice reality could result from that dream.

Ah, Goethe… I really loved « The sorrows of young Werther »/ « Die Leiden des jungen Werthers »

My dear Crabtree... do you really think that dreams are only expressed as we sleep ? Some people dream while they’re awake, or rather they daydream...

I’ll be waiting after your reflections about that little being who lives inside your dreams. ;))

(*smiles and sends a kiss*)

Leni Qinan said...

Hi Voices!

Thanks! I couldn't help finding him another jacket. He wanted it so badly. But that was just to show him he should do something else apart from complaining.

I didn't know you did bike trial too! Ed has a street bike, 1200cc, very nice.

(You would look so good in a Hell's Angels jacket, hahaha, but I may be wrong -my imagination is too wild-).

And well, I shouldn't say this, but, yes, he has an excellent taste (for jackets, I mean) ;)

Take care -u know, hanguvers etc etc- and a cool week to you too!

Anonymous said...

Leni ,(Mi guiño)

Oui ! le rêve éveillé est possible ,mais le rêve ne se contrôle pas ,alors parfois les songes sont l'antidote !

Ce sera un peu long !

L'un des plus beaux songe qui correspond à mon état d'esprit est celui-ci...

( Jacques Prévert )
Pour faire le portrait d'un oiseau
Peindre d'abord une cage
avec une porte ouverte
peindre ensuite
quelque chose de joli
quelque chose de simple
quelque chose de beau
quelque chose d'utile
pour l'oiseau
placer ensuite la toile contre un arbre
dans un jardin
dans un bois
ou dans une forêt
se cacher derrière l'arbre
sans rien dire
sans bouger ...
Parfois l'oiseau arrive vite
mais il peut aussi bien mettre de longues années
avant de se décider
Ne pas se décourager
attendre s'il le faut pendant des années
la vitesse ou la lenteur de l'arrivée de l'oiseau
n'ayant aucun rapport
avec la réussite du tableau
Quand l'oiseau arrive
s'il arrive
observer le plus profond silence
attendre que l'oiseau entre dans la cage
et quand il est entré
fermer doucement la porte avec le pinceau
effacer un à un tous les barreaux
en ayant soin de ne toucher aucune des plumes de l'oiseau
Faire ensuite le portrait de l'arbre
en choisissant la plus belle de ses branches
pour l'oiseau
peindre aussi le vert feuillage et la fraîcheur du vent
la poussière du soleil
et le bruit des bêtes de l'herbe dans la chaleur de l'été
et puis attendre que l'oiseau se décide à chanter
Si l'oiseau ne chante pas
c'est mauvais signe
signe que le tableau est mauvais
mais s'il chante c'est bon signe
signe que vous pouvez signer
Alors vous arrachez tout doucement
une des plumes de l'oiseau
et vous écrivez votre nom dans un coin du tableau.

Pour te faciliter la traduction

(Jacques Prévert's poetry)

To paint a bird's portrait
First of all, paint a cage
with an opened little door
then paint something attractive
something simple
something beautiful
something of benefit for the bird
Put the picture on a tree
in a garden
in a wood
or in a forest
hide yourself behind the tree

Sometimes the bird arrives quickly
but sometimes it takes years
Don't be discouraged
wait for years if necessary
the rapidity or the slowness of the arrival
doesn't have any relationship
with the result of the picture

When the bird comes
if it comes
keep the deepest silence
wait until the bird enters the cage
and when entered in
Close the door softly with the brush
then remove one by the one all the bars
care not to touch any feather of the bird

Then draw the portrait of the tree
choosing the most beautiful branch
for the bird
paint also the green foliage and the coolness
of the beasts of the grass in the summer's heat
and then, wait that the bird starts singing

If the bird doesn't sing
it's a bad sign
it means that the picture is wrong
but if it sings it's a good sign
it means that you can sign

so you tear with sweetness
a feather from the bird
and write your name in a corner of the painting.

(Je replonge dans mes songes d'enfant, p'tit bisous )

Grass said...

AWww, that's really sweet! This post has me smiling for a long time today! I just remembered a similar incident with Abner quite a long time ago. :)

so dear sis, how are you doing? I can't wait to know how Ed is gonna react and reward this effor though I know you're not expecting one but I bet he would!


p.s. and yes sis, i'm expecting a baby!!! Abner and I got back together a long time ago and sorry if I didn't tell you.. Tsk now, a baby to boot. :)

Leni Qinan said...
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max said...

This for Grass:

Hey!!! Congrats!!! It seems things are going all right for you. Take a lot of care of you and the baby, ok? ;)

((I think you will have to stop riding your unicorn and whip for a while, dear))

Big big hug.

max said...

And this is for Leni:

He should appreciate that.
I can see it clearly: You're crazy about him, aren't you?
I hope he's crazy about you too, Miss Tenacious. Lucky man!

Take care. :)

Leni Qinan said...

Mon cher Crabtree, (*mon clin d’œil *)

Merci pour le beau poème de Jacques Prévert (et pour l’avoir traduit à ma place). Je l’ai bien aimé! C’est si tendre et doux ! Et un joli rêve !
Quand j’étais petite, j’en ai apris quelques uns à l’école et je me rappelle encore.

((Mon secret : Quand je dors, j’ai des rêves ; mais quand je ne dors pas, je songe avec tous les oiseaux qui chantent)).

Bisous câlins. ;)

Leni Qinan said...


My dear Crabtree,

Thanks for this beautiful poem of Jacques Prévert (and for translating it on my behalf): I really loved it. It’s so tender and sweet! And a very beautiful dream!
When I was a kid, I learned some of his poems at school and I still remember them.

((My secret: When I’m asleep, I dream; but when I’m awake, I daydream of all the birds that sing)).

Kss. Hugs.

Leni Qinan said...

Hey sis!

That’s excellent news! Let me hug you and send a zillion kisses to you! A baby!!! (*smiles a big smile at you*). And I’m glad to hear about Abner and you too!

I hope you’re feeling well –please take care and do go climbing volcanoes and diving into deep seas, ok? Wait until your baby is born, When, btw?-.

(So Abner had a lost jacket too? That made me smile, Grass. Actually, I’m not expecting a reward. I did it just to make him happy, because I love him, and I know he really likes that jacket).

I hope your new modem arrives soon –I had a look at your blog and you said you don’t have it yet! How excruciating!-

Big big big kiss from your sis.

PS.- Don’t forget to take your folic acid and eat healthy!

Leni Qinan said...


Yes, I'm crazy about him, Mr. Teaser. And I hope he's crazy about me too.


Leni Qinan said...

Oh, Grass I almost forgot! Thanks for joining as a follower. That's so cute!

:)) XXX.

Ghost Particle said...

lol Donn...xmas list. Leni...ur a psychic or dreamer or both. hemm. Love this story, as with all the rest. :)

and i love ur description of dreams. i live for my lucids. gives me so much satisfaction.


Leni Qinan said...

Hey Ghosty!

I'm not a psychic -I wish I was!-, lol, but a daydreamer. I believe in daydreams that come true.

I love your dreams too (lucid, ones become so rewarding and interesting!).

Hugs 4 U 2.

Leni Qinan said...

Ghosty, thanks a lot for adding to the followers. That's very sweet!


Grass said...

Sis, thank you very much about reminding me to take my vitamins! I almost forgot for the nth time!!! if my baby can kick me now coz of it, my tummy would bruise all over.. LOL

I still go on field work though I'm extra careful. My colleagues are kind enough not to give me difficult assignments :)

I'm due April 30 :-)


Grass said...

Hey Max! thank you very much! That's really sweet of you. I will take care of her/him, I promise.

big big hug from Whipslasher

Antoni said...
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Antoni said...

Hola Leni,

your new story made me smile. It is so cute how you guess the deepest wishes of Ed. You say you have a plan and it obviously works: he melts like wax in your hands.
You now this !
You painted Hades black It is the old but also something new. May be this was the key to the heart.

Leni Qinan said...

Hallo Antoni!

It's so nice to have you back here! ;)

Thanks for your sweet comment.
Tell me... wouldn't you do that simple thing for the one you love, just to make her happy?

I never doubted a single second about Ed's wishes and the idea took life in my mind. I didn't stop until I found it in the shop (I would do that again).

Siehe Wörterbuch, liebling. ;))

PS.- The original Hades was brown, but I could only find it black.

And... yes, I really like it when he melts in my hands! ;))

Ich schicke dir tausend Küsse. Tschüss!

Nahuatl said...

=))) Nice incident, Leni.

Ed is very a lucky man to have you. :)

Antoni said...

Hola Leni

thanks for your sweet answer.
The answer to your question is : YES I would do the same, and more.
In addition, yes, Ed is a lucky guy, I hope he knows how lucky he is (with a big smirk: unbelieFable).

I think Ed would say:
No tengo más remedio que te adorar
Eres más dulce que un ángel.


(with a little help of his dictionary)

Leni said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Leni Qinan said...

Nayan! Youre back! We all missed you here!

How was your 2-week holiday? I hope you had a lot of fun!

Man, you're gonna make me blush red like a beetroot! hahaha.

Thanks, that's so cute! ;)

Leni Qinan said...

Lieber Antoni,

Hey, look who's being sweet now! :))

Thanks for your lovely comment. I feel very flattered, of course, and also blushing to dark red.

Actually, it's me the lucky person. My life was looking quite grey before I met Ed and now it's all coloured.
Unbeliefable, that's right. ;))

Your Spanish is perfect and I appreciate a lot your sweet words (you're most kind to me).

Du bist süßer als ein Engel too.

Bis bald, Schatz!
(also with a little help from my dictionary, hahaha).