Sunday, November 23, 2008

Supernatural business (II)

My future didn’t look very promising: I would be in solitary confinement in a beautiful house, in a deserted gloomy place that looked like a frozen field in the middle of nowhere, until Ed decided to pay the amount of money he owed to Jimmy Moon for his physician licence. The funny thing was that the offence took place around 1790. This is what happens when you spend your time with supernatural beings: it’s crazy festival all the time.

Jimmy kept talking with his threatening voice.

- Ed will try everything to rescue you. If he does and I catch him here without the money… he’s finished. –he said, making a cut-throat gesture-. I will visit you from time to time, just to check that you’re still here. My servants will bring you everything you might need. Is there anything else I can do for you?
- Yes. You can set me free.
- Nice try, but no. I won’t.
- Could I have just one more thing, then?
- Speak.
–he nodded-
- I presume I can’t have a laptop and internet connection, supposing you know what that is, so I’d just like to have a notebook and a pencil, if it’s possible. I’ll die if I can’t write.
- Of course I fucking know what a laptop and internet connection is, Leni! I may be decrepit, but I’m not stupid. But it’s impossible to have that here: This is the eighteenth century. Welcome to the Age of Reason.

The Age of Reason? My arse! Looked like it was The Age of Madness and Insanity instead.

Jimmy took a small notebook and a pencil from a cabinet and pushed them towards me on the table. Then, he drew an imaginary circle in the air with his fingers and finally vanished in the air. I really worried about Ed.

I looked at myself and saw in total amazement how my black robe and torn miniskirt were getting blurred, slowly disappearing and being replaced by peasant woman’s clothes.

A nightgown-like chemise made of white linen, a black corset and a full skirt with multiple petticoats underneath suddenly materialised on me. Under my skirts, I had knee-high stockings held with garters. My hair was tied up into a bun that I undid immediately. I looked like a country girl... of the eighteenth century! And I was even wearing wood clogs! I collapsed on the floor in fright.

I took a deep breathe, held it, then released. I had to do that four consecutive times before I could calm down and think properly. When I recovered, I poked around the kitchen cupboards, where I found a coffee maker and some sweet tidbits. I decided to indulge myself and forget my ordeal preparing a delicious cream coffee with foam and chocolate flakes. I sat on the rocking chair by the fireplace, wrapped myself in the patchwork blanket, sipped from my hot coffee cup and started thinking. I had traveled in space and time, or so it seemed. What a mad world.

I found a book on a shelf: “A woman’s life in the sixteenth century Elizabethan Burdishland”, by Meredith McVitie. It consisted basically of unceasing labor, revolving around husband and family; but they started managing the household, running farms and home businesses.

And some funny anecdotes: women rode astride in these days, not side saddle. And what was even more shocking to the rest of the countries: they greeted visitors with a full kiss on the lips. The ambassadors were shocked. Foreign visitors wrote home to their friends, saying ‘Come’. This was quite different to what I always imagined them to be like. This was probably lost history, and as per the author's opinion could be considered as women’s liberation at an early stage.

During the 18th century, the Age of Reason changed some rules. Intelligence and reason were admired. Education was extended to the women of the upper and middle classes; however, science and philosophy were meant only for men. Women were offered training in skills like music, drawing, singing or painting; very useful disciplines for modern life. But a seed –that would result in the revolutionary feministic movements- was being planted. That was probably Ed and Jimmy’s time background.

I was distracted with this reading when suddenly I spotted an empty glass bottle at the kitchen and had a hell of an idea.

I took the pencil and a piece of paper from the notebook that Jimmy had given to me, and wrote:


I’m dead scared. I don’t even know where I am. Jimmy Moon said if he finds you here and you don’t pay what you owe to him, he will do something horrible to you. So please don't look for me.


I rolled up the piece of paper as tightly as possible; put the cork into the bottle; rushed to the door and left the house. It was terribly cold outside. A persistent thin chilling rain was falling and the mist laid low about the house and over the fields.

I walked towards the river, kneeled on the riverbank and made sure the bottle floated. Then, I dropped it in the water, expecting it would reach Ed someday and quickly walked back to the house to do the hardest part: the waiting.

I blew out the candles and laid in bed. I covered myself with the blanket and suddenly felt a presence near me. I didn’t dare move to see who it was. I could just see what seemed to be the silhouette of a man wrapped in a black cape. I covered my face with the blanket, as if that could save me the panic. I felt some weight on the mattress. He lifted the blanket on the other side of the bed and approached me radiating intense warmth.

I was drawn to him and couldn’t resist getting closer, yet we didn’t touch each other. The bed was so warm I couldn’t believe it. The closer we got, I realised we would touch some part of our bodies at any moment. Suddenly my right feet gently bumped into his leg. You guessed it. It was not an accident: I did it on purpose.

- Sorry –I whispered-.

But no, I wasn’t sorry at all. I just wanted to hear his voice but he didn’t say anything. I couldn’t see his face and didn’t dare to get up and light a candle. So I had to use the rest of my senses. I felt a familiar fresh scent of grass, wind, sea waves and it brought to my mind a memory of sandstorms.

I plucked up my courage and reached out my hand to touch his face. His lips felt familiar to me, so sensual and soft. As I touched them, he kissed my fingertips. I withdrew my hand, shy and scared, but delighted at the same time.

I couldn’t see him, but I knew he was smiling in the dark. Deprived of sight and sound, I explored his body with my hands: he had big forehead; long nose; pronounced chin; long soft hair. I stroke his chest and ran my fingers down his belly, down his thighs, deliberately avoiding the most sensitive parts of his body. Then he took my right hand and placed it where he wanted me to touch him. I was nicely surprised. He was terribly hard, and that excited me big time.

I pulled my hand away and rolled onto my side. He got closer and spooned with me. He actually held me so tight from behind that there was not an inch of my skin which would not be in contact with his skin. I felt his breath on my neck and shoulders tickling me very softly. His lips brushed my left shoulder sweetly. He pushed my hair to the right side and licked my left earlobe.

I started moaning quietly. I didn’t dare to make any noise. He licked my hairline too and that was good enough tot make me moan loudly again. He cupped my right breast and I sighed deeply with pleasure as his left hand rested innocently on my pussy, not doing anything. Not yet.

I was so wet. I felt his stone hard dick rub the gap between my buttcheeks. He pressed himself against my back and left a wet trace on my lower back.

I moaned again and turned my face to see him, but I couldn't. It was pitch-dark.

- Who are you? -I asked-

Then he whispered into my ear:

- You’re disappointing me, Leni. Can’t you recognise my dick in the dark?

I turned back immediately and faced him.

- Ed! You got my message in the bottle? Jimmy won’t set me free unless you pay him. And he will kill you too. Have you got the money?
- I got your message, but I don’t have the money. I came here just to speak to Jimmy. I’ll ask him to set you free and I will take your place as a hostage.

Emiliana Torrini “Sunny Road”


Roberto said...

Wow, Leni, absolutely powerful. I will read it again to be sure enough. This story is more and more interesting. Magic.

Un kiss.

Leni Qinan said...

Hey Roberto! Thanks!
These are magical stories for magical minds, among them yours, so welcome to the house of surreal.
Powerful? Good. Now you know why they say I'm dangerous, right?

Otro big kiss.

Leni Qinan said...
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max said...

Hi Leni,

Let me tell you that your man thinks he’s a white knight (and that’s very nice) but he’s being a bit innocent too. Anyway, these are the kind of things one would do just for love: to travel through space and time just to save the loved woman.

Luckily, chivalry hasn’t died yet. ;)

PS1.- He’s right, you need to take some blind anatomy lessons (bwahahaha, that made me laugh). I really like your hot touch.

PS2.-The song+video are just cute. So charming and bluesy.

Cool post.

Take care and don’t get into mischief!

Antoni said...

Hi Leni,
you are still able to surprise me. What a fascinating story. I see a continuous development in your writing, it fascinates me more and more. Two reasons may be responsible. I can follow your surreal story better with the time and I love you r fantasy evermore.
The behaviour of Ed was no surprise for me, it seems to be logical. If you love somebody, you don't hesitate to come to your love. You are not discouraged by risks and it doesn't matter if you have to overcome space or time.
-El amor es ciego

Roberto said...

"Now you know why they say I'm dangerous, right?"...yes, no doubt. I must to confess that I run to my dictionary to find another meaning of "my pussy"(rusty english specially if we are talking about sex), only imagining it, and once I got it...I exploded in a loud laugh. I was sure, but I was needing confirmation :-) :-) :-)

Apúntate un 10 (que vaya Ud. a saber cómo se dice en inglés)

Grass said...

I'm so glad I live in 21st century. I mean, wooden clogs?! eek! my nails won't survive that.. LOL Also, at least now, the world is no longer dominantly patriarchal.. :d

As for Ed being your knight and shining armor.. Why didn't he bring money? It's kinda weird knowing that he's filthy rich.. LOL Or maybe he's got plans for Mr. Jimmy "Full" Moon.

Good question though, why couldn't you recognize his dick? LOL LOL


Fernando said...

¡Ay! (I dont know the english word) LeTi. You must change your´s site title... It should be, Very dangerous (at least) writer.

A brilliant story.

Have a nice week. Take care.

Leni Qinan said...

Hi Maxi!

I love white knights and romantic dudes who would risk everything just to be with their women. That’s exactly what blind love is and what I would expect from the man I love.

I’m also convinced that chivalry hasn’t died yet, but it’s in serious danger.

About blind anatomy lessons… well, I think I need more training with Ed (that would help a lot, lol)

Glad to know that you loved the song. It’s very sweet and the video pictures very well how much the girl missed her loved one.

Take care.

Leni Qinan said...

Hallo Antoni!

Heey thanks! You’re so cute! I’m very happy to hear that your capacity for surprise remains the same and that you’re enjoying this surreal plot entwined with reality elements.

I’m totally convinced that love makes possible most impossible things. It’s such a powerful force that it can either change the world or break your heart.

This brings to my mind (and ears) a beautiful song from Marvin Gaye (‘Ain’t no mountain high enough’) that goes more or less like this:

Ain't no mountain high enough
Ain't no valley low enough
Ain't no river wide enough
To keep me from gettin' to you, babe

My love is alive
Right down in my heart
Although we are miles apart

(I think this includes space and time, hahaha).

That’s what lovers must have in mind when they accept to take risks like Ed did in my story.

And yes, you’re right. luckily Liebe macht blind.


Leni Qinan said...

Hey Roberto!


Ok, visit my blog and you will learn many of these words, which are very useful for special occasions. (And ‘pussy’ is one of the most important ones, hahaha).

‘Apúntate un diez’= You can score an A+

Big hug

Leni Qinan said...

Hi Grassy!

Wooden clogs are certainly uncomfortable and terrible for our toe’s nails (but still in the 21st century, I’ve seen people wearing them in Holland).

I don’t know for what reason Ed didn’t bring the money. I’m inclined to think he has a plan for Jimmy Moon, who seems to be one of his worst enemies.

(*gets closer to her sis and whispers into her ear: ‘When I was left speechless by that mighty dragon in the dark, I could only hope it was his lovely dick, but just the sense of touch wasn’t foolproof. I need to practice more with him’*)

(*laughs loud and blows a kiss*)

Leni Qinan said...


Ay! (Spanish) =
Ouch! (English) =
Autsch! (German) =
Aïe! (French)=
Ahi! (Italian)

Me? Dangerous?? I’m completely harmless Fernan (*looks at you with big innocent eyes and blinks repeatedly*)

Nice week 4 u 2.

Common Tater said...

Ooh la la nicely done. Give me a moment to collect my thoughts and undo the sensual imagery...

oh well not going to happen..
I'll just have to multi-task I guess.

I long for the days when Reason was a prized possesion sigh
In this Age our prized possesion is Celebrity..and the handful of cerebral Celebrities certainly don't seem to be more valuable than the basic beautiful wealthy run-of-the-mill vapid Celeb.

Now back to my sexy-time daydream.

Leni Qinan said...

Hey Mr Common Tater!

I thought you were gone fishing until December! But hey, it’s so nice to see you again!

I know it’s hard to undo the sensual imagery –I’ve always thought that the major sex organ is the brain- so you have no choice but multitask, I guess, lol.

I firmly believe that Reason is still a prized possesion. Beauty fades away soon, in spite of plastic surgery and celebrities… hm you’re right, that’s a world full of mediocrities.

Thank gawd there are still a few genius in the world

(*points at Common Tater and herself, laughing*)

ysfb said...

Luckily the other person in the bed wasn't a hobo. That would be disturbing, yet funny.

Leni Qinan said...


Nooo, he’s not a hobo. He’s actually one of the richest men in the island.

I used to have a hobo in bed some posts before –it was a nice temporary association, a hobo and a gypsy- but unfortunately, it didn’t work. It was extremely funny, but way too disturbing for my taste, so I decided to throw him off my bed. ;)

Dick said...

Wow Leni, not much to say about that. lol. Looking forward to the next episode. Good writing.

Leni Qinan said...

Hi Dick!

No worries, I'm happy just to know that you visit the blog and read my stories. You just saw a bit of my wild side, lol, but most times I behave (promise).

Take care!

moonlover said...

Waw Leni, every time I read your stories I can't stop untill i get to the end!!!! They are so intense and with suspence ;^)

Leni Qinan said...

Hey Moon! Nice to see you again!
Thanks for your sweet comment, and welcome back to the wild side of my surrealistic life!

Roberto said...

Hey Leni,I only would like to wish you a good week (and a creative one. I will be waiting you)


Leni Qinan said...

Heeey Roberto!

Thanks for your late second visit, i love it!I was about to post my next story (my mind never stops thinking, creating, writing.

Nice to know that you'll be waiting. You wont have to wait too long!

mwah mwah! (*winks and blows a kiss)