Sunday, February 15, 2009

Details, whether you like them or not

Do you believe in the magic of anniversaries, bubble baths, pillow fights, foot massages and Valentine’s Day? They say the devil is in the details, but I firmly think that some of these little stuffs may help romance last longer in a healthy relationship.

I was lost in these thoughts last Friday afternoon -Valentine Day’s Eve- as I walked downtown. It was Friday 13th, but that doesn’t affect Sandwichians: we celebrate it by walking underneath a ladder. So I lazily stopped to have a look at Breuninger’s storefront, when I heard these vehement words behind me:

- Shopping for chocolates in the shape of a heart? If my boyfriend ever gave me a present like that, I’d leave him on the spot!

I turned back. I recognised that voice immediately: it was my good friend Hellgirl. She was gorgeous; radiating; dressed in red; wearing her super tight shiny outfit. She had folded her red wings and hidden her long tail, appearing publicly in the shape of an attractive human young woman.

- Do you really have a boyfriend? –I asked her-
- Of course I do. And in my evil opinion, V-Day is a terribly corny human tradition. Are you thinking of buying something for Ed here? Or rather stealing it, like we did in Christmas? I’d love to do that, it was so exciting! –she answered-.
- Oh no, please, don’t fiddle with that. I’ll pay with my credit card.
- But they always cheat you here! It’s no crime to steal from a thief!
- Hellgirl, I’ve come to buy a Valentine’s Day present for Ed, and I’ll pay for it.
- Come on, wake up and smell the coffee, Leni: Valentine’s Day is an invention of the Chamber of Commerce. And I bet your Ed is not exactly crazy about it.

Her last comment made me very upset, but I ignored it, in order to avoid a fight. She could be right, though I knew I would get to him emotionally with a present, and I had the secret hope that he would like it.

- Do you think it’s better not to buy him anything? –I asked-.
- I didn’t mean that, Leni. Now that you’re head over heels in love with him, you have no choice but to follow your heart. And I can help you get him the most amazing present he could ever imagine. But don’t come back to me with your heart torn to pieces if he gives you just a cheap box of candy or even forgets what day it is.

Whether she was implying that Ed was tight fisted or simply careless, I don’t know, but that piece of advice sounded rather strange to me.

Was he a rich stingy man? In all honesty, I didn’t know. But I never complained so far. As for oblivion or absentmindedness… that was simply no excuse. It was impossible not to notice: Valentine’s Day was repetitively on the TV; in the papers; in the shop windows and billboard's advertisings.

- Ok, let’s change the subject of this conversation. First and foremost: Happy New Year. Believe it or not, I’m glad to see you again. And last but not least, is it my imagination or did I hear you have a boyfriend?
- Thanks and Happy New Year to you too, Leni. Yes, I do have a boyfriend.
–she smiled, proudly-
- Hey, that’s excellent news, I hope. –I smiled back at her-.
- Yes, indeed.
- Congrats!
- I’m so happy. I want to have a hundred and sixty devil babies with him.
- I didn’t know devil women had devil babies.
–I said, quite surprised-
- Just like human women have human babies! –she said, raising an eyebrow-
- And you make them the same way humans do? –I asked-
- Exactly the same –she answered-

Wow, that was new! Hellgirl in love.

- May I ask you if you who’s the lucky guy?
- Mmm… yes, you may. Have you ever heard about Mephist the Great?

I had read about Mephistopheles the Great’s military exploits in Goethe’s Faust legend, where he wagered with God for the soul of Faust. But I’m so naïve that I thought she would come up with some kind of joke, like Hellboy, the movie hero from Hell. Then I realised that she had higher aspirations. And I thought I'd love to hear it from her.

- Tell me, who is he? –I asked-
- He’s a real Prince of Darkness; an angel of hostility and lust; the hottest and most powerful devil in Hell. –she said, very proud of her conquest-

‘So now I really have good contacts with the underworld’ –I thought-.

- It seems he’s a real catch. Are you happy with him?
- Actually, Leni, if I were human I’d say I’m floating on a cotton cloud, but as a devil’s minion all I can say is that I’m burning with hellish passion.
- Congrats! I’m very glad for you!

After a friendly double cheek kiss, we crossed the impressive revolving glass doors of the Breuninger House and entered the shop. They had the most amazing stuff you could ever imagine. The Royal Arms were displayed at the entrance, under the caption ‘By appointment of His Majesty the King of Sandwich’.

The showroom had a magic and mysterious atmosphere. Some little treasures I had already seen during my Christmas visit were still there. But this time I knew exactly what I wanted: I remembered Ed had some paintings of his private art collection hanging from the walls of his office: Braque’s 'La bibliothèque est en feu' and Matisse’s ‘Les oiseaux’ .

I had spotted an amazing object in a showcase that would perfectly fit in that scenery: a delicate paperweight made of glass where several blue fishes and a red one, smaller than the rest, were swimming: the blue ones, in harmony and peace; the red one, hectically and teasing the others all the time. I stopped to have a look at the funny scene when the shop assistant approached me.

To be continued…

'Shh' (Donora) - Video from Postsecret


Dick said...

I'm curious of what she is gonna buy or steel.

Leni Qinan said...

Hi Dick! With her bad influences, I'm afraid she's gonna steal. LOL.

(I'm going to visit your blog now, I noticed right that you have a new post!).

See you!

Grass said...

Nice paperweight. The red fish reminds of Hellgirl herself, teasing gentlemen around. Too bad for them, she's already burning with passion for another of her kind :-)

I bet she's gonna steal again, for you. Or if she finds something to give her lover, she's gonna steal it too.. Why don't you consider stealing something sis? LOL It should be a life-changing experience.. Kidding! :-)


Grass said...

And yup sis, despite my recent blog on surviving valentine's day, I still believe that this is a perfect time to make someone you love feel special. I just would rather be treated like a queen more than once a year..hehehe Bubble bath and candle-lit dinner. Now, who wouldn't want that?;-) Especially if what comes after is a very passionate love making.. ;-)

I hope you had a great weekend sis!

ysfb said...

I like every holiday, I've grown to dislike the day since it feels commercialized like everything else. But what can you do? Eat chocolate and get laid?

Happy Valetines Day! I'm Back!

max said...

Hey Leni!

I'm very curious about your Valentine's Day. I hope you didn't steal again.

Don't do anything your mom shouldn't know, ok?

Big kiss.

Leni Qinan said...

Oh boy, don’t think I’m not tempted to steal, sis. Hellgirl seems to trigger this kind of instincts in me! But we all have a hidden part that may surprise ourselves!

The red fish is really the sensation of that paperweight, hahah, and he could be a lot like Hellgirl. And yes, she has a powerful bf now!

You think I haven’t stolen anything, sis? I do believe that it’s no crime to steal from a thief.

Are you curious to know whether she’s stealing again or not? More in the next instalment… ;)

Leni Qinan said...

Grassy, I’ve read your recent post about surviving Valentine’s Day and you left me quite worried.

You’re right, V-Day is just once a year, and on top of it, it’s so commercialised. I think to maintain love it takes a great deal of daily effort on both sides. But it’s nice to have some romance… any time of the year, don’t you think?

Great week to you too, sis!

Leni Qinan said...

Hi YSFB! Long time no see! Happy to know you’re back!

That’s right, it’s absolutely commercial, but everybody celebrates it –for the sake of increasing sales it has been exported to other countries where it has never been a tradition-.

Anyway, rather than that, the good thing is you’re back. That’s good news, man. :)

Leni Qinan said...

Well Max,

If you’re curious, come back to read the rest of the story in a few days. I’m afraid I did steal again –not exactly me, but Hellgirl-.

And while you wait, I’ll look for another quiz to keep you readerships busy.

And don’t worry, I’m a good girl and will behave.

Big hug.

Grass said...

Hehehe.. I felt that I really need to explain. First and foremost, don't worry dear, I had a great time on V-Day bonding with Gugu who is now very actively moving inside my womb. For me, that's an experience I will cherish forever. So, no, there's nothing to worry about. I didn't go out on date with Abner as he's far away at the moment, but he did not forget to greet me, and that's enough.

Romance? Don't worry sis. I'm full of this when Abner and me are together :D


Leni Qinan said...

Ok Grassy, thanks, it makes me feel better.

I’m glad that you’re enjoying this time –you will be a lot more busy in the few months-. And you’re right, everyone should be treated like a queen/king, but not only on V-Day.


rebecca said...

Okay, so here's a quote from a REALLY GOOD MOVIE if you have not seen it yet - made back in 1991 with Jeff Bridges and Robin Williams called The Fisher King. Fantastic! Excellent. You have to see it. But I digress. Anyway, as I was reading your post all I kept thinking about was the greatest lines in that whole movie (and there were many) given by Mercedes Ruehl:

"I don't believe that God made man in his image. 'Cause most of the shit that happens comes from man. No, I think man was made in the Devil's image. And women were created out of God. 'Cause after all, women can have babies, which is kind of like creating. And which also accounts for the fact that women are so attracted to men... 'cause let's face it... the Devil is a hell of a lot more interesting! Believe me, I've slept with some saints in my day, I know what I'm talking about. So the whole point in life is for men and women to get married... so that God and the Devil can get together and work it out."

And that's the damn truth! The Devil is ALWAYS a lot more interesting!


Leni Qinan said...

Hi Rebecca!

I have seen the fisher king and I also loved it. Maybe Hellgirl’s words and her most peculiar views about life reminded you about Mercedes Ruehl’s lines.

It really made me smile. I don’t agree with her (some men are real angels and some women are bitches from hell, LOL). But two things:
1st and foremost: yes, motherhood is a godsend and certainly a kind of creating. But men have something to do here too, haha.

Last but not least. Definitely: the devil is always more interesting and funny. Why would I be in such good terms with the devil’s minions, if not for that? LOL-.

((besos y abrazos))