Sunday, April 26, 2009


Do you believe in zodiac signs? Personally, I find it hard to understand in which way the stars and the planets may influence our lives. And yet I must admit that I always turn to the horoscopes to ease my insane curiosity when I read the newspaper.

As per my birthdate -9/11- I’m an ordinary Virgo. I’m eager to be useful. I’m selfless and dedicated. I’m thorough, efficient and perfectionistic. I do favours and fuss over things. I attend to the tasks that nobody notices and take care of the smallest details of life. That’s my way of showing love and affection to those I care about.

On the other hand, I can be analytical; critical; fussy; nit-picking; nagging; hair-splitting and incessantly unsatisfied. I can even drive people mad with my pickiness too. But hard as I am on others, I’m even harder on myself.

This is what most astrology manuals say about Virgo. And in my case, the description matches reality fairly well.

Let’s swap to another zodiac sign now. Has anyone ever had to deal with an Aries? I’ve started doing it recently: Ed was born on 4/10. Let me lift the veil about his age: beyond his gorgeous fortysomething appearance (or quadragenarian, if you prefer; but he hates that word), there’s a man who has lived for almost three centuries and suffered great hardships in his life.

As a typical Arian, Ed is a man who achieves a lot and goes directly for his goals. He can develop a kind of tunnel vision where he sees nothing else but what he wants. I never saw anyone struggle so hard to foster his initiatives and obtain success: he’s the architect of his own fortune.

Wanna see an Arian in action? If so, make yourself at home and keep reading:

After my ordeal at the Police Station in Mawi-Mawi City, Moebius Hax took me back to the Majestic Hotel. Frank Furter -the hotel receptionist- escorted me to Ed’s room.

- Mr Davies welcomes you to the King’s Suite, Ms Qinan. –he said-

When Frank Furter locked the door behind me I couldn’t help but wow, fascinated by the luxury lounge. The King’s Suite… no more, no less. I stood in the middle of the room, still captivated by the rich decoration, when I heard Ed call me:

- Come in, sweety.

The bedroom door was slightly ajar. I pushed it slowly. His voice came from the bathroom.

- Come in, Leni. I’m having a hot bath.

I opened the door to the bathroom and came in. He looked at me, gave me a smirk and asked ironically:

- So Leni… have you finished playing dungeons and dragons yet?

Odd moments of silence followed. I was so embarrassed that I didn’t know what to answer. He got up and out of the bathtub, put his bathrobe on and walked towards the room. I followed him quietly.

He lit a cigarette. Then, he removed the bathrobe, flopped down on the bed stark naked and calmly blew some smoke rings as he looked at the ceiling.

- Do you still want to explain why were you having a topless picnic at the beach with Mr. Arsehole Man? –he asked coldly, with a low voice-

Arians are possessive as vipers and extremely jealous. I knew the evil guy in him would try to give me a third degree about Bob, the likes of which would make the Spanish Inquisition look like a tea party. It was actually pretty obvious to me that he was hopping mad.

- Sure –I said, looking down as I sat on the end of the bed-
- Then… I’m all ears, darling. –he said, suddenly sitting up and staring at me with a defiant look on his face-

Arians have a flashpoint temper. They fire off real fast when they get angry. But fortunately, they calm down quickly. Their seductive romantic soul helps them bring out the erotic side of a fight.

- Ed… first of all, let me thank you for all you’ve done for me. Especially for flying here so soon. That was just awesome. If not for you, I’d still be locked up in that cell. –I said, giving him a shy smile-

He really needed to be told that he was the best. A bit of ego-soothing would do him good. He could take infinite amounts of flattering. And I was ready to display the deft touch of a seasoned diplomat in order to reach a peaceful settlement, whatever it took.

- I reckon it was not very wise to have that picnic at the beach, but I never meant to hurt you. –I said, reaching out to touch his hand-
- Hurt me? Why should I feel hurt? –he spat at me, withdrawing his hand-.

Cynical, impulsive and impatient as a child on Christmas morning, my ardent self-centered lover was becoming very inquisitive, demanding an answer from me. He wanted what he wanted NOW. And the last thing I meant to do was to get him angry or heartbroken.

- Maybe because you gave me this at the airport. –I said, showing him the diamond ring-
- Hm… that was… just a gift. –he said, pretending it was not important-
- What a shame. I thought that meant something to you, because it means a lot to me.

Arians can’t resist challenges and they enjoy the fight. But don’t expect them to read your mind: they generally assume that you like the fight too. The bad news is you have to let them win –but you’ve got to be a good opponent instead of holding still like a punching-ball, ‘cause they’re not dumb- or you’ll end up making war instead of love.

- I know it’s quite unethical, but I wanted to know what your reaction was when you saw the ring, so I asked him to spy on you for a while –he said-.
- Why did you ask him to do that? –I said, puzzled-
- Because I needed to find out if your love is true.

Ed and his unorthodox methods. I didn’t like the idea of having been spied on, but what he said really touched me. I laid on my tummy beside him and stared into his eyes.

- Oh, I see. And what did Moebius say when he reported back to you?
- He said that you were not greedy for diamonds; rather more interested in the sentiments behind the ring.
- True. That’s what I said. Were you happy with the answer, sir?
– I giggled-
- More than happy. You’re the sunshine of my life after many years of darkness, Leni. And I don’t want to lose you. –he said, slightly blushing-

That sudden dash of shyness and insecurity touched my heart. I was overwhelmed with tenderness for him.

- What makes you thing you’re gonna get rid of me so easily? –I said-

That night he fell asleep into my arms with a smile on his face. Our latest ups and downs had left him exhausted.

Astrology manuals state that Arian men simply don’t get along with Virgo women; apparently Ed’s colourful personality will never match my tidy and orderly lifestyle; and my sharp criticism will definitely kill his tousled ego.

But when I try to behave myself and he manages to turn down a bit the intensity of his fire to a limit bearable for the rest of humble mortals… life becomes unbelievably beautiful.

"Nothing else matters" (Metallica)


moonlover said...

Great post, as usual ;^)

well my experience as a Virgo with Aires was complicated...

I review some things here!

a big moon kiss

Grass said...

I'm proud to be an Arian sis.. LOL and i celebrated my birthday three days before Ed did.. :D

And that's true, we Arians tend to lose our temper easily and recompose ourselves it just as easily. WE get jealous a lot with people we love but we are extremely romantic, ask Abner.. :D he's a Capricorn so you can just imagine (if you're into Zodiac and astrology) what a fiasco we two make.. :-)

Great post, I agree with Moonlover.. This post makes me think of the good times with Abner.. Don't let Zodiac signs get in the way of romance sis.. as you have proved perfectly in this blog...;-)



max said...

My experience with Virgo and Aries women were... quite complicated, ladies. And yet I enjoyed the company and the time we spent together.

Nobody is perfect. Least of all, me.

Signed: An imperfect, romantic, tenacious, melancholic but proud Cancer.

Leni Qinan said...

Hi Moon,

I didn’t know you were a Virgo too! (*winks*) ((We’re the best!)) LOL.

I’ve had very good Aries friends –both male and female- and I myself have an Aries ascendant (I guess this is why I’m a bit crazy).
Ed is the only partner?/bf? (what?) I’ve had who had the sun in Aries. And just like in your case, it’s very complicated, but the struggle is rewarding.

And yet I don’t understand the relationship between the stars and our lives… but I’m stil curious at the horoscopes.

Big Sandwichian kiss.

Leni Qinan said...

Hi again Moon! (answering your comment on my previous post)

Yeah I know it was supposed to be 8 traits of my character (((but I’m so shy when it comes to talk about myself))). I’ll let you know someday about the 8th feature of my character, lol –the secret ingredient, hahah-

Great week to you too!


Leni Qinan said...

Hi Grass!

WOW so you’re another proud Arian! That’s cool! If you had told me, we could have prepared a party for you and Ed! The only thing is he hates his birthday –come back in a few days and you will read why-.

As for you and Abner: I’ve checked the compatibility between Aries and Capricorn (almost as lousy as Aries/Virgo), and there you have the living proof that the zodiac is wrong, lol.

As for Ed and me: we have a very constructive relationship (we can do great things together), but there’s always some tension/electricity in the air, so we have to be careful.

I take your advice: zodiac signs won’t get in the way of my romance (*sighs*).


Leni Qinan said...

Hi Max! I’m not surprised that you enjoyed the company and time spent with your Aries and Virgo ladies (the cream of the crop in the zodiac).

You’re right, nobody is perfect, but we’re all on our way to perfection, lol.

Kisses (from a perfectionistic, analytical, faithful and extremely loyal Virgo)

Nihal said...

Oh so cool:)
Yes, Yes, Yes I'm a believer in zodiac and stars.

Apart from individual horoscopes, which are completely fascinating, I find it very satisfying to predict the futures of countries, kings, diplomats and technologies.

As for the relationships, rising signs are most important when build up relations and keep up. Did you check it both yours and his? I bet your stars should be befitting:)

May I ask when you'll talk about mine, Queen of the jungle, Leo;)

Just kidding, as all the world knows who we are, how we are doing, lol:)

Wish you finding calm with what's in store for you this week:)

Leni Qinan said...

Dear Nihal,

I’m an incurable skeptic, but I can’t explain the reason why my rationalistic mind feels such an unbearable curiosity for this subject. I must confess I’m fascinated by individual horoscopes and prediction of the future.

The other day I was talking to a friend about technologies (cell phone, computers, internet) and we were asking ourselves what the future would be –do you think the stars might predict something about it?-

About rising signs: The funny thing is that my ascendant is… ARIES!!! (how funny is it? Do you think a Virgo like me could be so crazy, if not for the sun in Aries?). I need to check his ascendant, because every time we meet there are fireworks and explosions of joy, which is not exactly what the zodiac tells about an Aries/Vigo relationship.

WOW, you’re Leo! (well I picked it from your profile, I know you a little bit now). So majestic and dignified!

Do you think you’re a typical Leo? So majestic and refined. A real Queen!

Grass said...

Max, I'm sure every relationship is complicated. After all, people have different personalities and a couple has to go through all their differences in order to work it out. And you are right, nobody is perfect.


max said...

That’s right, Grass.

But the bright side is that sometimes the balance between the good times and the bad times is so great that we don’t mind going through all these complications.

I’ve been a very lucky guy to count on the love of some wonderful ladies. I’ve been a most imperfect lover sometimes too. But I’ve always tried to learn from my mistakes and avoid repeating them.
As you brilliantly point out: nobody is perfect. :)


PS.- Everything okay? We all expect wonderful news from you very soon.


ummm.... you must be kidding about yer birthdate....

thats my birth day. prior to 9/11 it was known to me as the "day of the dramatic choice".

hmmm... interesting....

Leni Qinan said...

NO Zack, I’m not kidding, that's my birthday. And they call me Miss 9/11 for causing all kinds of havoc wherever I go!

BTW, I already knew your birthday is 9/11.
Scroll back to 9/11/08 in your blog and you’ll find my first comment there: “Happy birthday, Inner Voices! It’s my birthday too!”

That was the day I joined the Inner Voices. ;) And since then… so far, so good!

tom909 said...

I have a real wife who is a virgo, and I had two cyber girlfriends who were both virgos.
I'm a poor flawed crab, doomed to live with perfection!

Leni Qinan said...

Heeey Tom!

I thought you had been abducted by the aliens, but i knew that if I posted a song of

-The Stones
-The Beatles
-Frank Zappa

like i've done in my last post, you would come to this blog like a fly caught with honey, hahaha.

Well, seriously: compatibility between Crabs and Virgos is extremely high.

WOW! You've had so many Virgo ladies! In fact, I've had a Crab cyberboyfriend too, and he was crunchy on the outside, but chewy on the inside -like a chocolate cookie!-) Really nice and sweet ;)

Big big kiss. :))



rebecca said...

My daughter dated an Aries man once. That was enough for her. Possesive and temperamental doesn't even begin to describe him!It took her almost two years to finally get rid of him. Apparently, he didn't understand the words, "I don't want to see you anymore." Nice guy, good looking, very smart, charming, great conversationalist, almost too perfect...and then, hello! Oh, yeah, there was definitely something wrong with his stars!

And your birthday is 9-11. A significant day in our times.

Leni Qinan said...
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Leni Qinan said...

WOW! Really, I didn't know Arians would be like this until I googled a bit in the horoscopes to write this post. They surely have a nice and positive side, but my experience (Ed) tells me they're very difficult people too.

I'm really shocked about your daughter's Arian exbf. I hope he didn't harrass her and he finally agreed to accept that they were over. These kind of endings can be very scary in a relationship.

My birthday, yes, it's 9-11. Until 2001, it was just a normal day. Now it's a day to have a very special thought about what happened. :)