Saturday, June 5, 2010

A natural way to get a great night's sleep

I spent a couple of days resting in Ed’s suite, still dozy in the mornings, tossing and turning in bed in the evenings, experiencing horrible nightmares in which I saw myself swimming in that recurrently familiar hell of blood.

I was terrified of the dark. The temporary disruption of my body's normal biological rhythms was causing me a great deal of inconvenience: I simply couldn’t sleep.

On the first night, I woke up in the middle of my bed screaming and crying. Ed was sleeping next door to mine. When he heard me, he rushed into my room very alarmed.

- What happens, Leni? Did you have a nightmare? –he asked-

- Yes. A horrible one.
He sat beside me and held me.
- You’re now healed from your temporary amnesia, but you’ve gone through a lot of suffering in the last months and you’re still afraid and nervous. Tell me, what's worrying you now? –he asked-
- I can’t sleep, Ed. I mean I'm just scared that if I close my eyes... when I open them... I'm gonna be back in that horrible sea of blood, drowning, running out of air, with all these kids pulling my feet into the blood…- Okay. Then stay with me.
Oops. I didn’t expect that offer.

- Come home with me. When you open your eyes, I'll be there. I won’t touch a hair on your head, if that worries you.- Oh no! –I said, very embarrassed-.

He raised an eyebrow.

- You mean “Oh-no” to “stay with me”? To “I’ll be there when you wake up”? Or to “I won’t even touch you”? –he asked, pretending to be curious but actually teasing me-.

I am absolutely convinced that in a few thousand years from now, the evolution of the human brain –if there is any- will lead to total elimination of language. Men and women will replace verbal communication with telepathy; misunderstandings will be old reminiscences of their long forgotten primitive ancestors. But until that moment arrives, the language and our limited ability to sense by intuition what the others mean will prevail.
As it shows, we were still clearly stuck at this confusing primary stage of verbal communication.

- Ed. I thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I said ‘Oh-no’ because I would be very disappointed if you didn’t even touch a hair on my head from now on. –I laughed-. But I’m afraid that your kind invitation will bring you lots of trouble. You’re a public person. Reporters and photographers will stalk us; the press will start spreading false rumours about you and me and make our life hell if we’re caught together again.
- Do you care about it?- Not particularly. I’m a nobody. But I worry about the consequences that it may bring you.- Firstly, you’re not a nobody. And secondly, you must leave it to me. Tonight we’re celebrating the Kynkybooks’ annual awards ceremony, here in the ship. Would you like to join me to the reception party?- Sure, but…- You will sit beside me at the presidential table. I want everyone to admire you.
- I feel flattered Ed, but I’m not just an ornament…- Of course not! I want you to show everybody that you’re not just a pretty face!
Jeez… I would be rubbing shoulders with the Sandwichian, Orsinian and Burdish top societies and I couldn’t disappoint him: I could neither look like the back end of a bus nor sound like a prize idiot. Not only that: I had to pass the acid test with honours; everybody would be judging me. I suddenly started asking myself what Ed would expect from me.

What do men want from women? Maybe someone whom they can show off to the world? I don’t mean a trophy wife, but someone who makes them proud to be their partner? Does that include necessarily brains, beauty and a nice personality? It’s nearly impossible to be perfect, but guys want everything good to be packed in the same container.

And what do women want from men? Some activity, not only in bed? The big memorable things in our lives along with these little things that really do matter too? Women are demanding indeed, aren’t we?
Just for curiosity... which tribe do you belong to? The one of those that overlook birthdays and anniversaries? That of those who are too busy to return the calls? Or rather the one of the owners of an inbox packed to explosive capacity with unanswered e-mails or sms? Dudes: EVERYONE’S BUSY, so SPLAT!

Little things do matter for women, so if the response time is poor, you haven’t got a snowball’s chance in hell: your women will think you’re not interested and move right along into the loving arms of another male predator that proves to be more romantic and attentive. This is the law of the urban jungle: you’ve been warned.

But back to the conversation…

- We’ll be on front page of all the newspapers in Sandwich, Orsinia and Burdishland. –I said-
- That’s is exactly what I want. You’re wonderfully volatile and dangerous like dynamite, Leni. Just be yourself and strike them hard. –he replied-
- What…?
- You heard me. You’re not going to hide anymore.
And what if I wanted to hide? I knew that as soon as I appeared publicly with him, I’d be the target of everybody’s looks. The tabloids and gossip magazines would have enough material to publish for a while.

- Leni, I can get you a personal shopper and my driver will take you to the most exclusive shops downtown. Buy yourself a beautiful evening dress that really suits you well and a pair of high heeled shoes. Go to the hairdresser, to the beauty salon. My secretary will arrange all the necessary appointments for you. - But…
- Please, do it for me. Today I have some delicate matters to solve concerning what has happened to you lately, and you should not be around.

- Why not, if I may ask?
- Because the people I’ve sent to look after you have failed lousily. I need to have a few words with Moebius and Falkenberg and I still have to get even with that bloke who blew amnesic powder on your face. Ruud… whatever the fuck his name is.- Have you… sent people to take care of me? You don’t have to be my babysitter! I can take care of myself!- Sweety… don’t take offence at my remarks but it’s pretty obvious that you can’t. You’re getting into trouble all the time and I won’t discuss this matter with you. Now let’s go to bed again, please. It’s 3am already and we’re tired. I’ll stay with you until you fall asleep.- No. Sleep with me. Here. In my bed. Please.
He smiled, got into my little twin bed beside me and we started kissing, desperate for each other. I rolled on top of him and quietly gazed into his eyes.

- Ed…
- Hmm…?

- This hard thing here… is it a banana in your pocket?
–I asked-

- No, cheeky. It’s a genuine erection in my pocket. Don’t expect a banana if you lay naked on top of me.- So you’re happy to see me, right?- Yes, indeed. I’ve been missing you badly.
Have you ever slept with a curious explorer of the universe, an adventurous tracker by nature? Well, I have. The less he knows, the more he wants to know. And he started some nature observations on me, slowly spreading my legs wide apart and taking his time to have a look.

- You have a nice little pussy, Leni. So tight and soft. And I love it when it’s shaved.
He slid two fingers into me without preliminaries, gently rubbing up the walls in slow circular motion, hooking them deeper inside, as if he were looking for something. I moaned with pleasure. I didn’t know what the hell he was looking for, but in a few seconds he could tell from a look on my face that he had found it.

- Gosh you’re so wet –he said-

He searched deeper with his fingers, until he hit the most unbelievably sensitive spot inside me and I strangled a scream. He tapped it repeatedly, softly, mercilessly, every time a little faster. I let out an even greater moan of pleasure. It wasn't long before he gave me a mind-blowing orgasm. But he didn’t stop there. That magical night the air smelled of desire and curiosity.

I started shagging his fingers like a wild mink, as we kissed. His tongue touched my tongue and entered my mouth, rubbing every corner, sucking on my lips. I went over the edge and squealed with pleasure while he made me come once, twice, thrice... I lost count of how many times. Thank God he stopped after a while or else I would have drowned in a pool of sweat and fallen in total exhaustion.

Scientists would just describe it as a huge endorfin shot in a human brain, but in reality I was back from a trip to the stars; I had been swallowed by a black hole, emerged on the other side of the galaxy and the whole world disappeared in an explosion.

I laid back on the bed in sweet languidness and lassitude with a wondeful feeling of well-being. The intense pleasure sensation hadn’t left me yet. He spooned me, wrapped his arms around me and whispered magic words of love right into my ear until he fell asleep.

I closed my eyes. The sea of blood, the evil kids, the nightmares, the fuzzy dreams never came back.

That glorious night I slept like a baby.

"If only tonight we could sleep" (The Cure)


Gorilla Bananas said...

How lovely to see people taking the safe sex message seriously. I'd like to come back as Ed's fingertips in my next life.

max said...

I'd love to have magic fingers too and discover all about women's mythical g-spot.

It appears to be the final remedy against nightmares. ;)

max said...

Btw, I may forget a birthday, but I always answer the SMS, e-mails, phone calls, snail mails received. I even answer the smoke signals (provided that the place isn ot burning...)

Good night.

Anonymous said...

Lass-itude is a nice word.

Leni Qinan said...

Well Mr Bananas, rather than safe sex I'd say that variation is the spice of life...

Oh so you'd like to have magic fingers too... or you want to be Ed's fingertips? ;-))

Leni Qinan said...

That requires a lot of training, Max, so you better start ASAP. Not all women are the same and some scientists even say that it's not clear that the g-spot exists, but they're wrong. I would encourage you to look for it.

As a cure against nightmares, it's much better and safer than a sleeping pill.

PS.- Eat raisin stems. They're great against amnesia. You'll remember all the birthdays.

Leni Qinan said...

Don't you just love that sweet exhaustion, that languor and lack of energy that sweeps over you right after...? I do too!

Grass said...

G-spots, orgasm-inducing finger, nightmare-curing-sex, these are interesting bits of the entry but, I got curious about the middle part where you mentioned about well, incompetency of some men in relationships. I hope my comment on your previous entry didn't trigger the idea sis.. LOL Because, really, guys like your Ed do exist and I'm happy that you're one of the lucky women who have found them. ;)

I also found out that a good romance is a cure for migraines, not just nightmares.. LOL

@ Max, you only have to experiment with your partner to know where her spot is. I'm one of those who believe that G-spots exist ;)


Leni Qinan said...

Hi Grass!

The middle part where I mentioned incompetency of some men in relationships is based upon personal experiences. I can't stand uneven relationships and lack of communication/care makes a relationship VERY uneven in my opinion.

Nobody is perfect, Grassy, not even Ed -just wait and see-. We fall in love, blinded by chemistry shots that provoke pleasure and affection, we commit and make plans and we work for to make it last; and these little daily efforts do help and matter. So after all... it's not so hard to answer your emails and SMSs or celebrate birthdays and anniversaries among other stuff, to let your partner know that he/she is loved, isn't it? That's just a small example, and you're allowed to think I'm demanding, but i believe that little things do matter in the long run.

I didn't know that a good romance was a cure for migraines... really?
Is it because of the endorfin shot? (((If they discover it at Bayer I don't want to think what will be their new secret ingredient for aspirins, lol)))

Big hug!

Grass said...

Yeah sis, endorphins exactly. The same chemicals released by our uber useful brain when we are laughing. So a good laugh and a good shag (not necessarily in that order, teehee) help ease some aches/pains. ;)

I totally agree with you sis. Small things add up together. So a little text or email is not asking too much and definitely,no one should be too busy to make your partner feel loved. But you're not alone on this, it's is one of the issues I had to deal with A as well until I put my foot down (his throat, joking :D)..

Gosh, Bayer shouldn't know this by the way. But most people should, so they'll learn how to give good romance to their partners (calling Max and his magical finger).. hahaha

Make love not war! ;)


Leni Qinan said...

Hi Grassy!

Thank God you understand me!

I’m a bit sick of listening “I’m busy” about situations that would just take a few seconds, like answering an e-mail. I can’t believe how can someone possibly be so busy as to be unable to answer an e-mail just saying “hi, I love you too”. That would suffice and make the sender very happy. But some may consider it too demanding.

It’s all about care and carelessness, Grass. This is how I see it; if you want to make it work, everything matters: big and small things. If you get tired of it, then something doesn’t work.

About magic fingers… I hope Max makes some progress…

max said...

Oh girls, I think I’d better join a magical finger-training course, if there’s any! Or should I practice instead?

I should have a look in my bible:

Good laugh and good shag everyone!

Leni Qinan said...


Fingering is an art and as such, if you and your Beloved like it, it’s a creative alternative among many other ways to enjoy good sex.

So I’d recommend you practice a lot with her, provided that she’s ok with that.

Good laugh and good shag. ;)

Anonymous said...

How splendidly it is all working out - the banana joke was a bit off though.

Anonymous said...

Totally unrelated to any bananas:

Good Luck, Leni!

Leni Qinan said...

Hi Mutts!

I normally don't ask that question, but this time i had to say something funny to break the ice -some time had passed since we last had sex... -. Probably it was unnecessary, but... you know, teh beginning is sometimes a bit hard.

Have fun!

Leni Qinan said...

Lieber Mago, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Darf ich Ihnen sagen dass du bist ein ganz charmant Typ?

If I pass, we will celebrate with pink champagne! (drinking or bathing, whatever you prefer, LOL)

Pass auf dich auf!

Anonymous said...


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Leni Qinan said...

Mago, I survived the test (this is the first sign of virtual life I show since then).

Btw, feuerrot werden macht Ihnen noch mehr Charmant. ;))


Leni Qinan said...

Cheap escort London, thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind comment. Welcome!

Anonymous said...

How's your feeling? Wie schätzt Du es ein? Die Ergebnisse gibt's wahrscheinlich erst nächste Woche -?

Good night my dear.

Leni Qinan said...

Lieber Mago,

My feeling is good, vielen dank. You're right, I'll get the results this coming Friday. I'll let you know.

In the meantime... I've been invited to the Biergarten Fest on Wednesday von 7pm bis... wer weiss wann (mit Bier, Wüsrstchen, home-made Kuchen und guter Gesellschaft). Diese Deutschen sind sehr schön!

A very special goodnight to you.