Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mystic hunting (II)

Bob and I travelled to the forests of Lowenia on Friday afternoon. We walked for one hour carrying our loaded backpacks before we found a clearing, where we camped.

He had brought his rifle and a box of ammunition that he carried in a padded soft-sided case.

- Let’s have a shooting class, Len. Tomorrow we will go hunting. Now take the gun. Don’t hesitate. You should be more afraid of those who shoot than of the gun itself.

He was eager to teach me everything about the rifle: its parts; how to carry it safely; hold it against my shoulder; load the cartridges; choose a safe backstop; when to action the trigger. We walked towards a steep bank free of rocks and left a furry rabbit there.

- Your target, Len. Stare at it. Then aim and shoot. Quickly. Carefully. Softly.

Listening to him you would think it was so easy. Of course, my first shots were a total disaster. The gun kick-back made me step a little backwards every time I shoot. Bob put his hands on his hips and stood behind me watching closely what I was doing until I ran into him, pushed by my last shot.

- I don’t think I’ll ever learn. –I said, discouraged-
- You will, Len. Everyone does. You will be a first-class shooter. Now focus on the target. You can do it.

I seized the gun tightly; he put his arms around me; gently took my hands to correct the position of my fingers on the rifle’s trigger and butt, and whispered into my ear: “Much better this way: light and easy. Relax and concentrate. Try now, baby.”

How the hell was I supposed to concentrate being so near him??? I was amazed at his coldness and balance; his steady hand; his penetrating voice; his piercing look. I couldn’t take any notice of what he was telling me. I had to make a superhuman effort to lift the rifle again; become lost in thought; focus on the furry rabbit; breathe slow and deep; aim; pull the trigger; hit the target.

- Great, Len! That was cool. Now fire some more shots before we have dinner, just to train. I’ll be putting up the tepee. Oh, just two things: Firstly, I would most appreciate your not shooting in my direction. And secondly, in the event of a police raid please shout, so that I can run in the opposite direction, ok?

I nodded ‘Yes’ and laughed. Some time later, we sat by the fire and had a delicious dish of scrambled eggs and bacon. “Hunter’s dinner” –he said-.

The full moon projected a mysterious light on us and the sky was a jewel-box of stars. I had never seen a sky like that before. It smelled of musk, of pine tree and fresh grass.

It was almost midnight when all of a sudden, a fireball quickly crossed the sky and we were enlightened by a big yellow flash. We looked at each other in amazement.

- What the hell is happening there? What was that? –I asked, pointing at the sky-.
- A small burning meteorite that disintegrated when entering Earth’s atmosphere. It was… spectacular, wasn’t it? –he answered, very calm-
- Yeah! But how can you tell the aliens are not invading us? How do you know it’s not an Orsinian nuclear weapon test? Or the Mother of All Storms starting the next Anti-glaciation Era?
- No worries, Len. This planet is definitely doomed to disaster, but I’m afraid that the meteor was totally harmless. Anyways… don’t wake me up if the aliens are landing, please. I need to go hunting tomorrow. I don’t wanna be the party pooper, but we should go to sleep, baby. Tomorrow we have to get up early.
- Oh, ok. Into the tepee, right?
- Unless you want to catch a bad cold.

- Sure. I hope we don’t get burnt as we sleep. –I said, pointing at the fire-
- Hm. That would be fun. I could have you roasted for breakfast. That would save me the shooting tomorrow.
- Some guys can certify I taste delicious!
- I bet you must be sweet like sugar and spice, baby
–he said smiling and brushing my cheek-.

He put the fire out and we went into the tepee, where I was solemnly told that some rules needed to be observed there: Bob draw a line on the floor and pointed at it.

- Now Len, from this line to the left, it’s my place. From the line to the right, it’s yours. Don’t claim for more room, ok? Otherwise I’ll kick you out. I need my eight-hours sleep.
- Boy, my place is a lot smaller!
- You are a lot smaller than me and therefore don’t need that much room.
- Sounds very unfair to me!

- This is my tepee and these are my rules.
- Ok, I’ll sleep outside, then!
–I said, taking my sleeping bag and leaving in a rage-
- Cool, I’ll sleep like a baby, then! –he shouted from the tepee-
- You’ll wake the rabbits up shouting like that!!! -I shouted back-

I was stretching my sleeping bag out on the ground while Bob was watching me from the tepee’s door.

- Come here; don’t be silly, Len.
- You’re a bully! Don’t talk to me!
- I will do it as many times as I want! And I’ll drag you inside the tepee, whether you like it or not!
- Grrrrrrrr!
- Come on in!
- NO!
- Want a beef, missy?
–he asked, laughing-

What a silly thing to do to challenge me like that: the answer would be always yes. He left the tepee, spun around and stared at me with that burning look I couldn’t resist.

- Get ready, chicken. I’ll shatter you. You should be ashamed: a big guy like you fighting against a small girl like me –I said, threatening him with my fists-.
- I didn’t know you were so silly to accept a fight against Bob the Great, but you asked for it. This is war!
- Oh don’t get so cocky! Come here and fight!

He rushed towards me, seized my wrists with his right hand, lifted me up and carried me inside the tepee.

- Good. That was fast, just as I expected. And I tied you up. You're brave and spirited, baby, but you can't possibly win! –he laughed-
- Grrrrrrrrr! -I complained, pretending I was furious-
- Dang, what a character! I love it!
–he said-

I protested and kicked the air. “Let him have his fun”, I thought. He carefully dropped me on the floor.

- Thanks. I’ll get my sleeping bag now. –I said-
- Hey. Don’t. Stay where you are. Let me offer you a place in my humble bed, babe. You’ll be warm here. Which side of the bed do you sleep on?

He unzipped the sleeping bag, unfolded it and tapped his fingers on it. I smiled; almost melted. “You don’t need your pj here, by the way” –he said, looking at me with naughty eyes-

I kneeled beside him and he slowly undressed me; his hands touched my skin running down my body as blissful dizziness blurred my vision. I kissed his lips and pushed my tongue into his mouth.

- Do you want to fuck me, Bob? –I asked, gazing into his eyes-.

He laughed at my cockyness and nodded.

- I didn’t hear you –I whispered seriously, as I straddled him-.
- I have nodded. You’re evil, Len. –he said, staring at me with his big blue eyes, cool as ice of a thousand years in the making-.

I slowly kissed his neck and whispered into his ear:

- What did you say?
- I said yes
–he answered, breathing as he stroked my butt-.

I slid my right hand inside his boxers. He moaned “Oh… that’s good”.

- Do you really want to fuck me, Bob? -I whispered again-.
- Yes, I so want to fuck you, babe –he said panting, rock hard-.

He pulled my string aside and teased me mercilessly.

- That's not badly enough. –I said-
- Jeez, I wanna fuck you real hard, Len! –he said impatiently-
- Say it again! -I whispered-
- I can't take any more teasing! I wanna fuck you real hard!
–he said breathlessly-.
- Excellent. That’s exactly what I wanted to hear. Fuck me NOW.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and stopped teasing him. He released his breath with a loud moan as he started sliding in and out of me. "Don't stop!" -I screamed with every thrust, until the two of us were swallowed again by a twister into another set of violent kozmik spasms of pleasure.

- Wow baby... that was awesome as ever! But I could have killed you on the spot. You’re a sexy devil. I should have gagged you too, by the way. They must have heard you within a ten miles radius.
- Yes, I'm a bit noisy. And evil. You should know by now.

I smiled, satisfied and self-confident. He quickly fell asleep into my arms, with a smile on his face.

(To be continued).

"Closer" (Nine inch nails) KROQ concert 2005- L.A.


Fernando said...

Jesús... Leer estas cosas por la mañana, un lunes, en la oficina... le ponen a uno en una situación... cuando menos azarosa...

No sé si decir o no que espero impacientemente el desenlace.

Un beso.

PD Nuestra Pía ha comenzado su proopia andadura, el enlace4 está en mi blog, en la lista de blogsds interesantes como Sex and the city a los 34º de latitud sur.

Fernando said...

I was reading and just wondering...

How could a nice person get a dedication in one of your books?

Leni Qinan said...

Fernan! Este es un pequeño ejemplo de lo peligrosa que puedo llegar a ser. Así empiezas el día con energía! El desenlace ya se está produciendo, aunque creo que esto va a dar para bastante, así que vete preparando.

Me alegro mucho por Pía -asidua visitante silenciosa y comentarista ocasional del hemisferio Sur- a la que deseo toda la suerte del mundo, y a la que iré corriendo a visitar y comentar.

Lo de Sex and the City te gusta ¿verdad? Ya tengo cierto complezo de Carry Bradshaw, pero versión heavy metal. Y por cierto, ¿qué te gusta más: Sex ó The City? Jajajaja JUST JOKING!!! (llevo un día de lo más tonto, perdona).

Muchos besos. Leni.

Leni Qinan said...

Wow Fernan! Again!!!
I feel very honoured! Thanks!

Any person may get a dedication in my books. They don't have to do anything. I usually dedicate them to the persons who have inspired them and are nice to me, so it doesn't really depend on the person, but on the effects on me. -Hobart is an exception-.

I hope you're not implying that Bob is not nice, cos he is. He may not have clear ideas, but he is very nice. :-)

XXX. Leni.

Grass said...

Okay, I just came back from an exhausting fieldwork and decided to open my laptop, check Leni's blogsite and Oooh Lala! My mind flew right into that Orsinian forest and felt as if I was the one getting shagged in the teepee! Haha! Now, my energy is completely zapped out with envy! LOL That was really hot sis! It reminded me of well, don't hate me, "Brokeback Mountain" ;-) only this time, it's between my sexy sis and hmm, Bob the Great!~ :-)


And hmmmm, to be continued? Meaning there's more?? I am beginning to contemplate on how I should get away from field works and stay here in front of my computer waiting for Part III! hehehe! =^_^=

xxx Grass

Leni Qinan said...


Fernando said:

OMG, to read these things on a Monday morning at the office... what a situation...

Don't know if I should say I am eagerly waiting for the end!


PS.- Our Pía ((Argentinian bloggerfriend)) has started her own blog, named Sex and the city, 34 degrees south latitude.

Leni said:
Fernan, this is a small example of how dangerous I can be. This way you'll start your day full of energy! The outcome of this story is on its way, but I'm afraid there will be more of these posts, so get ready!
I'm very happy for Pía -a regular silent visitor and occasional comenter to this blog from the south hemisphere- and I wish her all the best. I'll rush to visit and comment.
You love that Sex and the City TV show, right? I suffer sometimes from a Carrie Bradshaw complex, but the heavy version, lol.
By the way,what do you like the best: Sex? or the City?, hahahahahh JUST JOKING (sorry, I'm having a very silly day today)

Loads of kisses. Leni.

s said...

Thank god you were so direct, otherwise you would have stayed on your smaller (haha thats hilarious) side of the tent. The sexual tension must have been omnipresent, but it seems he needs a major push every now and then. Maybe hes afraid or something? Or maybe he just takes his time?

Im looking forward to part tres!

PS I hope you made a wish when you saw the shooting star.

s said...

Carrie Bradshaw complex?

Please explain to those who have no idea what you are saying ;)

Leni Qinan said...

Hi sis! Welcome back from your fieldworks! I hope everything went fine!

Yeah, there’s more! Hahahah glad to know that you’re waiting for part III, you’re so cute!
Wow! Very happy to know that you felt it so intense! I am all proud!!! Don’t spoil me that much, sweety or I’ll go all silly!!!

Oh Brokeback Mountain!! beautiful landscapes, almost like the forests of Lowenia (not Orsinia, but you’ll know more about Orsinia in part III; you’ll even place it easily in the map, lol).

And, yes mmmmmmm I certify Bob The Great is quite something! *smiles and sighs*

Leni Qinan said...

Uh oh! The guy who never says what his name is!

Thank gawd my intuition always tells me you are who you are, hahaha.

About the smaller side of the tent: yeah, big people tend to be bullies! (haha, take it personally, but that's hillarious too!).

The sexual tension would have been omnipresent, whatever the side of the tent was, lol. It is omnipresent, in fact.

You’re right: Bob needs a push now and then –not sure if what he needs is a big push; I wouldn't like to fuck up, so I prefer to make minor naughty moves to not scare him-.

No, I don’t think Bob is afraid –he’s a real man now, and he knows very well I won’t bite him, right? though I’d love to! What do you think about it?.

I’m just trying to be funny to encourage him take some initiatives, but maybe I’m not being clear enough; or perhaps he is not interested, I dunno-.
I am most inclined to think he is taking his time. But I may be wrong; to be honest, I don’t know what he has in mind.

Carrie Bradshaw is the main character of the TV series “Sex and the city”. Carrie is a journalist who tells about urban life in a very funny way, from the perspective of a girly girl –a bit like me, but I’m a lot prettier than Sarah-Jessica Parker, hahaha-. She has a group of 3 lady friends who have very hilarious and interesting opinions about the men / women relations.

Not sure if this is your cup of tea, but just in case you’d be curious, try this:

Oh, btw, YES, I made a BIG wish when I saw the shooting star. But I’m not gonna tell ya, or it won’t come true!

Part tres is on its way!

XXX. Len.

Fernando said...

Dear Leni,

To start the monday full of something similar to energy but quite different

I was not implying.... I was just thinking the way to get a dedication for myself. That´s all.

Sex or the city....? I promise to think about it.

But I cant promise to write in english. believe me, its a big effort for this ancient and tired man.

Sincerely yours,

Leni Qinan said...

Woohoo! Dearest Fernando!

I get your point about energy. Let's call it KOZMIK ENERGY, which is indeed quite different to plain energy. You know what I mean, right?

Aww, a dedication for you? In my books. I feel very honoured with your request. At the moment I am taking some time off after finishing the diary of a slave -which took most of my mental energies-. I am having a hell of a good time writing these last posts -that btw are dedicated to someone special too-.

Anyways, allow some time, dear, and you may get your own dedication. :)

Sex or the city: don't think too much about it: The answer is very easy!

Your English if great, you shoud be very proud of it and I encourage you to keep on trying. But if you get tired of it, dont worry, keep commenting in Spanish and I will translate for the others, to improve the communication flow.

This kind of effort is always nice and rewarded -to communicate with people from different countries gives us another view and helps us understand new things, be more tolerant and better persons. And this always nice!-

Old and tired man??? Comeon Fernan, I though grannies and grandads didn't go sailing and all that cool stuff you do!!!

Keep smiling. And, of course, sicerely yours too, hahahaha.

XXX. Leni.

Max said...

No me atrevo mucho a comentar...La última reprimenda de Leni me dejó hecho polvo...Sé que me dejé llevar por mis sentimientos...pero sólo hago esta pregunta:

¿no hay osos o jaguares en los bosques de Lowenia?, lo digo por si la tercera parte va a tener un final que me pueda interesar.

Leni Qinan said...


Siento que te hayas tomado la reprimenda tan a pecho. La verdad es que te pasate un poco, pero fumemos la pipa de la paz, que no quiero pelearme contigo, ok?

Siento decepcionarte: en los bosques de Lowenia no hay osos ni jaguares. en cualquier caso, los bichos salvajes no comen Bobs.

Sólo hay conejitos y palomas. Y alguna que otra ardilla. Para tu info, el final de esta historia se desarrolla en la ciudad, no en el bosque. Y ya no cuento más.

XXX. Leni.

PS.- Qué? Hacemos las paces?

Leni Qinan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Leni Qinan said...


Max said:

I don’t dare commenting… last reprimand from Leni made me feel like shit… I know I acted on my feelings… but I’m just asking this:

Aren’t there bears or jaguars in the forests of Lowenia? Just in case the end of this story would be of interest for me.

Leni said:

I’m sorry you took it to heart. To be honest, you were a bit rude, but let’s make peace. I don’t want to fight with you, ok?
I’m sorry to disappoint you: there are neither bears nor jaguars in the forests of Lowenia. In any case, wild animals don’t eat Bob guys.
There are just lil rabbits and pigeons there. Maybe some squirrels too. And FYI, the end of this story takes place in the city, not in the forest. I’m not telling anything more.

XXX. Leni.

PS.- Hey! Let’s make peace!

Grass said...

Hey Max, give Leni a break! Or ask her out if you're really crazy about her! LOL It's pretty obvious, really! LOL



Grass said...

Mr. Fernan, Leni's amigo,

Your English is fine! You probably speak English better than I do.. I don't mind the Spanish too.. I'm using translator from now on :-)



Leni Qinan said...

WOW that's cool sis!

Hey Max, and Fernando and the others too! Look at this! There's a little interaction over here, so visit, participate and enjoy!

Lol thanks for defending me Grassy! You're cool! Max is harmless, lol -barking dogs seldom bite, hahaha-. So peace in no time, i hope!

Happy to introduce you to my friend Fernando; he has a very nice blog about the sea and sailing stuff. You can find it in my favourites list if you're curious -pretty cool pics of the bay of his city and the ships-.

As far as my humble blog is concerned, np Grass, my pleasure to translate for you, Mocky, Tom and the silent guys from the UK, US, Portugal and Norway (my quiet readership from abroad!).

Going off to bed now! Thanks for visiting again, sweety!

XXX. Leni.

Fernando said...

I love this bar!!!!

This site is ebcoming in something similar to a bar where we meet our chaps and find new friends from everywhere and everi night is different.

Thank you, Mrs Qinan for such a beautiful present.

Leni Qinan said...

That's nice to hear Fernan.
You're very welcome, dear friend!

Come in and have a drink, guys! Welcome aboard!

XXX for all of ya. Leni.

Grass said...

Oh I'd want a nice red wine or pink champagne please! hehehe

s said...

beer will do fer me.

anyway i agree with grass: just ask Leni out on a date, Max, because it is obvious indeed. I have a feeling what the answer will be tho ... hahaaa

Leni Qinan said...

OOH? Nobody asks ME who I'd like to date???

Grass and Mocky, don't be the smartypants! hahahaha.

About the drinks, you should help yourselves guys -this is the Anarchist Bar, and all of us are equal here.
There's no dough to pay the waiters, you should go get your drinks!- I suppose you didn't expect me to do that, right? lol

Cheers! *lifting my glass of chilled white wine*

max said...

Hi Grass and "the-guy-who-never-says-what-his-name-is" (gotcha Mocky!):

You're right, wiseguys, I have already asked Leni out on a date hundreds of times. It seems she prefers the Bob type of guy at the moment, but I don't give up. I hope she soon gets sick and tired of shagging in the lift and in the forests of Lowenia! hehehehe.

Brandy mug for me, please! (Oh, we better take the booze ourselves, we've been told).

This goes just for Grass (so time over for the "guy-who-never-says-what-his-name-is", LOL). Step out Mocky, this is private!

Is it true that a Grass a day keeps the doctor away? I'm curious...

Sincerely whatever,


Grass said...

Max you're funny! LOL I had a laugh, really.. hmmm

It depends on what you meant by Grass.. if you're thinking of Marijuana, it's known for its health benefits if taken wisely. Otherwise, a whiff of this grass a day is not healthy and highly addictive. I'm sure you know what I mean.

A dose of me is something else but I won't tell you in details. I was only trying to be funny with that banner on my blog site! :-) But hey, this is Leni's bar so enough about me!

Len, Max is asking me to hook you up with him? What do you say? LOL

Peace Max! :p


Leni Qinan said...

Hi Grass!

You can talk about anything here, dearie -not only about me!- so you're welcome to tell Max about the effects you would cause on him. I bet he will be eager to know. Take care Grassy, I think he has spotted you now, lol.

I'm not surprised tho -if I were a guy, I would be doing the same, hahahah-.

Anyway, let me put it to you this way: for the moment I am quite busy with Bob. I am sorry to break Max's heart, but don't worry too much, he used used to me doing that to him, hahahahahah!

Ok ok just to make him feel better, I'll bring him his brandy mug.


(Len reminds me of him)*sighs very deep*

Grass said...

Ouch, sorry Max, you've heard it from Len, she's with Bob.. for now at least. which means, there's always hope for you!!! :-)

I don't think I'm Max's type sis! LOL He's crazy over you! LOL That means, he likes dangerous people.. and I'm as harmless as a mushroom..hahaha!

Cheers everyone! :-)

xxx Grass

p.s. when is part III coming Len? hehehe

Leni Qinan said...

Hi sis! Nice to see you're here again!

Yeah, I'm with Bob now. But as you know, this is a most peculiar situation, so anything could happen, as you will read in part III which will be coming out... tomorrow!

Stay tuned!

XXX. Leni. (sorry, sis. Bob is the only one allowed to call me Len, hahahahah. Joking!).

PS- FYI, some mushrooms are lethal, sweety. Hence the danger, LOL.

max said...

Dear Grass:

I was not asking you to hook her up with me (sorry, it sounds to me a bit weird phonetically -hook her-). I am sure she will end up into my arms sooner or later, lol-.

I'm curious about the curative properties of a daily dose of Grass (not marijuana, it makes me dizzy). I am sure it's a sweet medicine, a healthy contrast with this wild Leni. Grrrrrrr. LOL.


Anonymous said...

Interesting thread...=)

I am one of the 'silent' readers but this time I thought I could join in for a drink (red wine for me=)



Leni Qinan said...

Hey Pía!!! Long time no see!!

Welcome here, darling, have that red wine with us and enjoy the wonderful company.

Congrats on your new blog. You write very nice stuff. (I'll be watching you, lol).
I wish you all the best. ;)


Grass said...

Yeah, Pia, welcome aboard! I'm enjoying this string of comments as well..hehe

Max, an overdosage of me is lethal. Like I said I'm harmless as a mushroom...

if you leave me alone. A small portion of me is hallucinatory, you'll get psychedelic and I'm not sure if you want that. But if you want to forget your heart aches named Leni, sure, feel free to have a dose of me. You can even add me in your favorite spaghetti! LOL Eat a huge portion of me though, and mind you I'm addictive, you will DIE! *evil grin* (hence, the personification of a mushroom sis! LOL)

Anyway, that's what I want to think of me..LOL I'm not sure if that's true, really :p


peace Max!

xxx Grass

Leni Qinan said...

Grassy: Give him the small mushroom portion, please! LOL.
He needs a little trip, hahaha.

XXX. Leni.