Sunday, April 5, 2009

Magical Mistery Park

Do you think it’s possible to keep a cordial relationship with your ex? My experience tells me it’s not always easy.

Bob Gausmann and I dated only four months, but he left his mark on me. When we met, intense sparks flew immediately. He was very reluctant to get involved, but my persistent attempts resulted in a hesitant romance, followed by a torrid affair. Nevertheless, we made a serious calculation error: he was emotionally cold and I was emotionally hot. So our most unusual kind of partnership could never reach mad passion.

We had memorable moments together, but surviving them involved a massive amount of adjustments, and keeping the flame alive became an uphill task for me. It was easy to anticipate that we were doomed to disaster. And yet we had a lot of fun until that day arrived.

So back to the streets of Mawi-Mawi City, where Bob had incited four strangers to catch me… when I finally could let go of their tight grip, I heard him shout:

- Len!!!
- Bob!!! –I said, smiling at him-

I was happy to see him. I rushed to give him a long, loving hug.

- Sorry for having asked these people to stop you, but you were already going and I wanted to see you. –he apologized-
- Hello, silly. I’m glad that you asked them to stop me.
- Aww… do you still give these hugs of yours that last about half an hour?–
he laughed-.

Yes, he was always so romantic and sensitive. After our long hug, there were some seconds of silence, during which we stared shyly at each other and smiled. We walked to an outdoor bar where we had a drink and went down memory lane.

- Jeez, Len, I had almost forgotten how beautiful you are…

I must admit that I was quite shocked. He had never complimented me that much in the past. A neon sign over the door of a nearby shop displayed the following message in huge red capital letters: ‘He just wants to have sex with you till you loose all control and can't see straight’.

I jumped with fright. And guess what: sitting at the table next to ours was that Moebius Hax, the jeweller I had met in the plane; the one who said Ed’s diamond ring was false. He was quietly reading the newspaper, his sun glasses on, pretending he hadn’t seen me. It was a very small island, but… wasn't it a weird coincidence?

- What brings you to Mawi-Mawi, Len? –asked Bob-
- I’m spending my spring holidays here. Actually, I’ve lied to Big Cheese and almost escaped from Ed to have some days off on my own.
- Excellent. Definitely. Fuck the two assholes! I really hope you enjoy the beach and the natural wonders of this beautiful island. And talking about assholes… are you still going out with Mr. Wanker?

I was expecting that question, but not in such a rude manner of speaking.

Mr. Wanker. This is how Bob called Ed. Of course he didn’t know that Ed referred to him as "the big twat", or he would have killed him with his own hands. So they were even.

Life is hard when two alpha males challenge each other continuously for the same female. But the law of the jungle applies to all, even in the city: survival of the strongest and victory of the cleverest.

- I don’t know whom you’re talking about, Bob.

Bob laughed loud.

- I’m talking about Ed Davies, Len. Does that name ring a bell? –he asked, sarcastically-
- I won’t have you speak to me like that. –I answered, very annoyed-

I got up and took my handbag with anger, but he gently took my hand.

- I’m sorry; Len. I lost it. Please don’t go. –he said-

I sat down again.

- I accept your apologies and will ignore your comment. But please, don’t mention him again; least of all designedly employing such derogatory remarks, ok?
- Ok
–he said, looking down-.
- Then… let’s continue our conversation. What about you? Tell me… are you seeing someone now?
- Not since you left me
. –he said, staring into my eyes-

It was pretty obvious that he hadn’t got over it. His words sounded devastating. He made me feel guilty and sad. I looked the other way and decided it was already time to change the subject.

- Tell me, Bob… how’s life treating you? How are your construction projects going?
- I get by. I have founded my own architect studio.
- WOW, that’s great! And what are you doing here now?
- I’m building an amusement park.
- Hey, this is fantastic!
- Yeah… it’s almost finished. Would you like to see it? You could have a free ride at the Ferris wheel, rollercoaster… or visit the Castle of Terror. There are ice-cream and sweet stands and a couple of junk food restaurants open part time. What do you think?

It was tempting. I hesitated, but before I could realise, we were on our way to the Magical Mystery Park, entirely projected and built by Robert Gausmann & Partners for the Mawi-Mawi City Council.

And yes, we visited the Castle of Horror… (hence, my horror face).

And had a ride on the Ferris wheel, also. Unfortunately, as it turned, gears grinded and screeched as if someone had stuck a wedge between the spokes of a child's bicycle, until we got stuck on top for about one hour.

- Don’t be scared, Len. They’ll take us out of here soon.
- I’m not scared. I’m just afraid of heights.

He sat closer to me and slowly, very slowly, put his arms around me to calm me down.

- Don’t look down, baby. Everything will be all right.

I closed my eyes and held him tightly. We stood still until the wheel started moving again and ten minutes later we were safe and sound on solid ground. And I promise it was not intended to rhyme.

When I dared look around, I got the fright of my life: Moebius Hax was taking pictures of us!

- Hey, what are you doing? –I asked, very alarmed-

But he just put his pointer finger to his mouth and said "Shhh..." before he slowly faded away, leaving only an enigmatic Cheshire cat’s smile hanging in the air.

"Mad world" (Gary Jules)


Anonymous said...

Guardar una relación cordial con su ex??
Reflexioné largamente sobre la pregunta! Pero he aquí soy apto para responder?
Tuve en mis relaciones ado una amiga quién me dejó con lágrimas mucho los ojos, por qué? Lo supe unos años más tarde, sus padres me encontraban demasiado atento y demasiado afectuoso arriesgando pues en caso de rotura un drama para su hija! Le hice un tierno beso y desde nunca vi de nuevo ella...
Reencontré mi primer amor de infancia, y soy siempre con como desde el principio!

Je ne suis pas certain d'employer les mots justes !??

Garder une relation cordiale avec son ex ??
J'ai longuement réfléchi à la question !Mais voilà suis-je apte à répondre ?
J'ai eue dans mes relations ado une amie qui m'a quittée avec des larmes plein les yeux ,pourquoi ?? Je l'ai su quelques années plus tard ,ses parents me trouvaient trop prévenant et trop affectueux risquant donc en cas de rupture un drame pour leur fille !? Je lui ai fait un tendre baiser et depuis ne l'ai jamais revue ...
J'ai retrouvé mon premier amour d'enfance ,et je suis toujours avec comme au premier jour !

Mon fond d'écran !!!!Curieux hasard ?

(*Un bisou plein de tendresse*)

Nihal said...

Smiling Hola Leni:)
What an interesting post. Full of correct messages inside.
Well, all I can say is that sometimes (+) and (-) poles can be drawn to each other. Say emotional and unemotional partners. But most of the times, YES it would be a fruitful relationship if/when both are emotionally in situation of melting hot:)

Btw, I liked reading your support on soccer adventure. Agree with you that may it be a fair and friendly game. Sure, the best ones will be awarded to get the visa for WC 2010. Great Espana is guarantee, wish the best as always.

Till I find the best moment to pop over your page, Happy Monday, and bright thoughts on Love & Peace.

max said...

Hi Leni!

Are you jumping from Ed to Bob?

I always thought Bob was an *ssh*l*, but if I were you I’d prefer to date him rather than your moody Ed.

Life seems to be funnily unpredictable with Bob.

Have fun, and happy Easter if you’re on vacation –I am- ;)

Anonymous said...

Que bueno verte, leni;)


Anonymous said...

Me falto mi comment, perdón;)

Yo creo que sí es posible llevarse bien con un 'ex- lo que sea' (de hecho a mí me pasó siempre).
Además, y en última instancia, lo cortés no quita lo valiente, no..?



Leni Qinan said...

Bonjour Crabtree!

Que c’est triste cette histoire! La demoiselle ne savait pas ce qu’elle avait manqué!
Mais hereusement vous avez trouvé votre premier amour. Et celle-ci est un belle histoire, avec un happy end!

Non, je ne garde pas de relation cordiale avec mes ex. Je suis trop sentimentale pour pouvoir faire ça. Dommage!

Votre fond d’écran est tout simplement superbe! J’aime bien King Kong. Il avait son petit coeur enfin, mais la vie est cruelle. (*soupir*)

(*bisous et câlins*)

Leni Qinan said...

Hi Nihal, and welcome!

Thanks for your lovely comment! You’re right, life has its turns and twists, its ups and downs… and it was never meant to be easy. Hence, there’s a lot to do in a relationship to make it work!

(I enjoyed commenting in your beautiful blog. I found you through Dick, our common friend from Texel. A very nice guy with a very nice blog).

(*hey Dick, I think you should hire me as your marketing agent, don’t you think so?*)

Happy Monday to you too (now Tuesday, so I wish you a happy week also)

Leni Qinan said...

Lucky man, you’re already on Easter holidays? Maybe resting on a tropical beach, typing on your laptop under a palm tree, watching the waves rock the beach?
WOW, I envy you! I have to work until Thursday, with Big Cheese always around…

You didn’t like Bob, and now you don’t like Ed. How come you never like my boyfriends, Max? ;)

Have fun at the beach! Take care with the sharks.

Leni Qinan said...

Hola Ro!

Gracias, yo también me alegro de verte por aquí. De vez en cuando visito tu blog, para ver si hay algún cambio, pero no parece de momento.

Que te lleves bien con tus ex, dice mucho y bueno de ti (sobre todo que eres una persona civilizada). Yo he sido incapaz de llevarme bien con ellos. O ellos conmigo, quién sabe. Pero me gustaría, de verdad.

Bss para ti también!

Grass said...

That's really not so weird sis.. i.e. finding Bob in Weirdoland.. hehehe.. I'm sure he feels at home.. hehehe Unlike Max, I don't think bob is better than Ed. (geesh Max, what were you thinking)
But it must be nice to talk to someone you used to go out with after a long time and know that they are doing okay (and not over you if I may add. Hah!) Wish I can see my exes now and let them know how happy and way better I am without them.. LOL I'm a bitch, I know.. >;-)
As for the weirdo jeweler guy who told you the diamond's fake, he's fishy. And did you say he turned into a Cheshire cat? Tsk tsk.. That picture of the cat reminds me of a book I read a long time ago, can't remember which though.. where did you get this picture sis?

I hope you're doing great.. Looking great in a pair of jeans! ;-)

Leni Qinan said...

Hi sis,

(*falls off her chair laughing*)

Yeah it’s not strange to find Bob in Weirdoland. He still keeps building weird things, btu it’s nice to see him again. Maybe we should do weird things sometimes and allow our secret fantasies to come up to reality, don’t you think so? It would be like breathing some fresh air.

Your remark about your exes made me laugh. :)
Apart from Bob, I’ve never been able to keep a cordial relationship with my exes –never heard of them again-. Sometimes it’s difficult to forget –especially if you’ve been badly hurt-.

And about Moebius Hax… I think we will hear about him again. For the moment he’s just keeping an eye on me, I can feel it. Who ordered him to do that? I still don’t know…

I got the Cheshire cat picture from Google images –was hard to find, though-. Feel fre from borrowing it for your blog, if you want to use it –I don’t have the copyrights, and besides, you know I can’t say ‘no’ to you, don’t you?-

Hehehe thanks for your compliment on the pic. (*rushes to put her jeans on again*)


Roberto said...

Hi again Leni. Do not be bad with Bob. He is my namesake and it is not the only coincidence between us.

No posibilities with exes for me. It is so difficult. I can get polite relationship with my exes, but it is no easy for me to get a more natural relation. It is a pitty. I would like it, but it is no possible.

Nice to met your body Leni.
(probablemente acabe de decir una barbaridad. Sólo me refiero a tu foto de cuerpo entero, pero me da mucha pereza intentar aclararlo en inglés.)

Have good days and kisses for you, I will leave for Easter :-) Bye, bye.

rebecca said...

Nice picture of you, mami! And I love the video you're always turning me on to new musicians I've never heard of! Thanks...another gem to put on my playlist!

And there's no such thing as keeping a cordial relationship with your ex unless you're Demi and Bruce and that's just too weird....

Leni Qinan said...

Dear Roberto! Long time no see! I’m so glad to hear from you again!

I know very well Bob is your namesake and I know you have something else in common. (*gives you a wicked smile*). We had a short story together, diarised in this blog. What a coincidence that he’s back right now. Hm…

As for exes… I second you. I have lost track with all the guys on my list. I don’t think I could have a normal relationship with any of them after so much love and so much hate/disappointment/sadness. Many painful feelings would come back and I’m not as rational as to control them. It would be a total mess. So in my case, it isn’t possible either.

About ‘meeting my body’. Maybe you meant you liked to see my full-length picture? We can discuss it while having that promised coffee someday, hahaha. (hay que ver cómo me gusta tomarte el pelo).

Have a nice Easter vacation and nice sailing!

PS.- I'm going out too, but the blogging never stops... ;)

Leni Qinan said...

Hey Rebecca! My favourite writer!

I’m glad that you loved the video. Paul Weller is an English singer who had 2 famous bands: ‘The Jam’ (early 80s) and ‘The Style Council’ (late 80s). In the 90s he started singing on his own, and this was one of his first hits (I remember listening to it at an exbf’s flat in the UK, on a rainy afternoon… it brings nice memories).

Lol, no I’m not like Demi either –as I said to Roberto… I would not be able to control some painful feelings-.

((and thanks a lot for your comment on my pic. I dare to appear on stage sometimes… *blushes real red*))

((of course, I won’t forget about our traditional lovely abrazos)) ;)

rebecca said...

Leni, amor, how could I forget?!! Boy, I am tired =(

(((muchos abrazos)))

Leni Qinan said...

I know, Rebecca!

Relax and sleep well!
You need a lot of energy to write your novel. And I can’t wait to read it!

((muchos abrazos 4 U 2))

hanny said...

Hey, I'm back and actually have sometime to leave a comment:))

It must have been strange to see Bob again after leaving without a trace, and he's either tactless or brave to show up like that. But from his ways in the past..I wouldn't give in to any thing he say or do. He had his chance to be with you but he blew it.

Now, I would like to hear more about the ring :)) I vote for Ed LOL.

Leni Qinan said...

Hi Hanny! WOW, again, thanks a lot for your enthusiastic comment!

Bob is absolutely tactless, as I experienced when we dated. I guess the kind of guy that we all want –I mean women- to share something more than just a dinner and coffee should be more steady and reliable than Bob. It takes a lot of time and dedication to make a relationship grow, but the effort must be done by both the people involved.

And yes, I agree completely with you: I don’t believe in second chances with exes. Some wounds take a long time to heal, and then… it’s better to forget.

And Hanny, dear, I guarantee you’re going to hear more about the ring, hahaha (a lot more!).

Thanks for your vote –I’ll bear in mind your recommendation in the future, especially during my silly moments of doubt, LOL-

Take care.